We are in the final stretch and from Bandai namco they are not willing to waste time. The launch trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ was revealed yesterday. The game arrives this Friday and the followers of the famous anime are impatient.

It is a style similar to those seen so far. In it, we can see various gameplay scenes that define it as a fast action game. The montage and the power of his music make the trailer transmit strength and character. These scenes are joined by media quotes that describe it as a great title.

Android 21 is introduced

Both the Bandai Namco America and Latin America accounts published a preview trailer of what will be Android 21. Remember that it will be the only character created especially for this installment under the supervision of the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama.

This Dragon Ball FighterZ character will feature attacks such as launching a energy ball to avoid getting close to the opponent, it will also be very reliable in melee.

Android 21 will play a very important role in the story as can adopt the fighting styles of his opponents as we see in the video that we leave you below.

Remember, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available this Friday, January 26 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.