Barinsta is an unofficial, open source Instagram clone that does not require an account

If you need Instagram, but don’t want to use the official app, Barinsta is an unofficial Instagram client that you can use in simple mode -without logging in- or as a more complete alternative, logging in with your account.

Barinsta is presented as an alternative to Instagram for those who need to keep up to date with what is happening on Instagram, but without most of the annoyances of the app such as ads, suggestions, or tabs. It is an open source app that you can use without logging into your account.

To see Instagram, without Instagram

The first time you open Barinsta, the result is a bit anticlimactic. Accustomed to the festival of tabs, icons, stories and colorful publications that involves opening the official Instagram application, Barinsta welcomes us two tabs, a text and a button.

This is so, without logging in, Barinsta does not have a news or bio sectionInstead, what you can do is view the profiles of specific people. If those people have the profile open, you can view it without having to log in. Otherwise, you must log in with your Instagram account. To view a profile, you must use the search engine at the top.

To avoid having to repeat the play every time you open the application, you can add a profile to favorites, so that later you can easily refer to it again, from the list of favorites that is accessed from the More tab.

Otherwise, Barinsta shows a user’s profile in a similar way to Instagram, supporting posts with photos and videos as well as carousels with several photos. When tapping on a photo, it opens in large, being able to see the tagged location, descriptive text, hashtags and comments (tapping on the button)

This, without starting an account. If you log in with an Instagram account, Barinsta gains some of the Instagram features, as well as allowing you to interact, as well as viewing Instagram content. After logging into Instagram, Barinsta gains a few more tabbed accounts: direct messages, wall, profile and explore.

With the session logged in, Barinsta allows you to make basic use of Instagram, being able to view the biography in grid mode, the Recent stories from the accounts you follow and even reply to your messages.

If using Barinsta without logging in is an app “for peepers”, by logging in you can not only see other people’s posts, but also write comments (although you don’t like a photo). The app has the added function of power download any photo easily.