In this Watch, we’re not going to talk about the life of a cowboy, but a lot of other things. The end of the year is coming, so there is a lot to report. Bad news about Battlefield V, for example.

Hey hello there! Today is October 25, the day on which the first Dutch-language version of Donald Duck (the weekly) was published in 1952. As an attachment of the Margriet! And today in 2001 Microsoft released Windows XP, you know, complete with Teletubbie landscapes. Ah oh ..

Fallout 76 beta times disappoint

Ah oh is also what gamers said who were all set for the Fallout 76 beta. Xbox One players would have early access: a full week for the PlayStation 4 players. Well, that was disappointing: Bethesda has announced that gamers will not be able to continue playing until Saturday, October 27. The time is not very convenient: from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. on October 28. And very short: gamers could play for 4 hours on Tuesday, and now there is a two-hour moment of two hours: four days later. In itself it is not very surprising: it is a beta and that means that it is tested, so it is understandable that Bethesda is taking time to implement improvements. However, it does take a long time, which means that Xbox players do not have such a huge advantage over PS4 owners. They will be online on 30 October. Cozy…

Do you want the Pirates of the Caribbean back?

Speaking of ah oh moments, Disney is considering bringing the Pirates of the Caribbean back to the silver screen. That’s not really good news in itself, but Deadpool’s writers may seem to be allowed to do the script, so that’s interesting again. It is of course a very well known franchise that brings in a lot of money, but the last films were to cry. Johnny Depp’s reputation has been lately, so Disney may be looking for a new Jack Sparrow. Yo ho, yo ho: I have no idea how realistic this all is, the plans all seem like future music.

Unity boasts a futuristic city

Speaking of future music: Unity has built a megacity from the future to show what it wants to bring to Unity in 2019. Looking for numbers? They come:

@ unity3d
4.5M Mesh renderers
200K Unique objects per building
100K Individual audio sources
5K Dynamic vehicles
60 FPS
Mega City is a project built on our preview data oriented design tech alongside tons of optimizations we’re aiming to bring to Unity in 2019.

No Battle Royale for Battlefield V this year

If you were completely looking forward to a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V, it will not come until 2019. Not the entire game, but that Battle Royale mode will take a long time. Battle Royale gameplay is expected in the first quarter of the new year. It’s not a delay: there simply wasn’t a release date announced yet. Still a kind of windfall then, right?

Trine 4 appears on Switch

Frozenbyte has announced that it will release Trine 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Very smart, because her last games were disappointments: Has-Been Heroes and Shadwen. Modus Games is willing to help with the release of this fourth part Trine sometime in 2019.

Release of Fortnitemares not exactly flawless

Fortnite’s Halloween event, Fortnitemares, is live and that has caused quite a bit of commotion. The zombie invasion caused the servers to falter. Because of this, Epic had to pause the creeps, because the matchmaking process was not going well. Fortunately, this has now been resolved, so she drifts!

Resident Evil 2 gets steelbook edition

Sometimes it pays to live in Europe, because not only do we not have that hassle with exchanging currencies when traveling to various countries, we also get a steelbook edition of Resident Evil 2 that the rest of the world does not get. Yeah! Claire also gets an Elza Walker costume, which is probably also appreciated by the fans. January 25th you can enjoy it on PS4, PC and Xbone.

This is how the Pokemon Go Meltan evolution to Melmetal works

You need 400 Meltan Candies for your Pokémon Go Meltan to evolve into Melmetal. That has been announced about Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. You will get a Mysterious Box when you first transfer a Pokémon from Go to Let’s Go, and opening that box will reveal Meltan. Mythical Meltan can only become Melmetal in Pokémon Go, so you have to transfer some back and forth, but then you also have something … Be patient before you can do all this, because Pokémon: Let’s Go is on sale from 16 November.

Sony breaks 11-year-old promise

If you play Warhawk then this is not the best year. Where you can read on the cover that Sony would only take the servers offline after a kind of notice period of 90 days, it has now been decided to take the servers offline today. Gamers had only heard that on September 25. Pretty silly if you’ve been playing the game for eleven years. Especially since some gamers just happened to come across that on the PlayStation Store page of the game. Not really a very proactive method of informing people.

Sandra Bullock is blind in an apocalypse

Netflix has managed to get actress Sandra Bullock for a Netflix Original called Bird Box. In this she plays a woman who has ended up in an apocalypse with her family, where they always have to keep their eyes covered. Creepy things happen, which you as a viewer get to see. The director is Susanne Bier, known from Den Eneste Ene and Haevnen, who apparently manages to create a suffocating atmosphere. The flick will be released on Netflix on December 21.

Time to say goodbye. Enjoy what there is to game, your autumn vacation or the moment it is five o’clock and you can leave the office behind. Anyway, have a very nice day today!