Battlefield | Bad Company 3 is in development, rumors point

Just over a year after the launch of Battlefield 1 there are more and more rumors of the next game in the Battlefield franchise. According to Youtuber AlmightyDaq rumors point out that DICE is developing Battlefield: Bad Company 3

According to AlmightyDaq, who became known for leaking several details of Battlefield 1 before it was announced, an internal source at DICE confirmed that Bad Company 3 is in production and some details have already been defined.

According to him, the game will focus on the Vietnam War and the Cold War, but it will take some liberties to tell the story in this period. The multiplayer will have maps smaller than BF1, as you would expect from the franchise, but will bring back places like Oasis, Grand Bazaar and Harvest Day.

All four classes will be available to the player, as well as the system of Battlepack. The modes that would be confirmed would be Conquest, Rush, Operations, Domination, Team Death Match and a new modality similar to Squad Obliterarion of five against five.

We know these are rumors, but since AlmightyDaq has a history of having information before everyone else, it may be that this is real. Neither DICE nor EA have spoken so far.