Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle – review

Platinum Games is synonymous with absolute quality. The average level of the titles developed by the Japanese team is in fact very high, just think of games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101, Nier Automata and the recent Astral Chain, but also of quality tie-ins like Trasformers: Devastation, a license on which many have fallen.

Among the most resplendent gems of the company’s curriculum we obviously also find Bayonetta and Vanquish, the two titles protagonists of this bundle called Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle, which celebrates 10 years since the original release.

Let’s start with Bayonetta, a title born from Hideki Kamiya’s desire to continue his vision of games “a la Devil May Cry” when the Capcom series took a direction he didn’t like. The points of contact between the two games are indeed many, to the point that even today fans of the genre dream of a cross-over between the series and a six-gun match between Dante and the seductive witch designed by Mari “Shimako” Shimazaki.

Bayonetta is the sexy needle of the scales in the eternal conflict between Hell and Heaven, but once in a while behind such (and such) appearance there is a solid and satisfying gameplay, which still stands up to the comparison with the best exponents of the genre. On the other hand, if currently the third chapter is among the most anticipated titles of the near future, there will be a reason, right?

As it already happened in the “rival” Devil May Cry, the beginning is a bit chaotic but the tutorial is able to effectively indoctrinate the player on the many techniques available to the protagonist, which with the passage of time are destined to multiply making the immediate but rightly complex combat-system, suitable for those who want to have fun but also for those who will have the patience to dissect it to the core.

For this purpose Bayonetta offers numerous levels of difficulty, from the simplest that make most of the techniques automatic and make the fights always spectacular, to the more complex ones that require application but guarantee great satisfaction.

The numerous weapons and techniques available to the protagonist enjoy a balance rarely found in other games of the genre. The action is incessant and has the rhythm of a wobbly and metallic “schitarrata” rock. Joyful, excessive and extremely stimulating, Bayonetta will ask you to give your best, and will reward you with evolutions worthy of Cirque Du Soleil and action phases made even more incredible by a crazy direction. All seasoned with constant winks and two-way jokes, which give the recipe a little spice.

Bayonetta is a great action title but it also plays a lot on the sexual winks of the sexy protagonist.

Vanquish, on the other hand, is a beast of a completely different species. Leave pure action aside and embrace the no-nonsense “third person shooter” genre. We are, just to understand, from the parts of Gears of War, from which Vanquish inherits the intense firefights in cover, setting them in an adventure perhaps even more boorish and adrenaline-pumping. Clearly do not expect an Oscar-worthy plot: we are in the overused cliché of the super-soldier on whose shoulders everyone’s hopes rest, but as a pretext we are enough and advance if everything else sparks … and it does, you can believe it!

To the mechanics typical of the genre, Vanquish adds a couple of touches typical of Platinum Games, which make the action extremely fast and spectacular. The moments in which you can take a breath are very few, sometimes you almost have the impression of being swallowed by an unstoppable vortex but then you realize that you are always in full control of what happens on screen.

The control system requires a minimum of habituation. In the first half hour it all seems complicated but silently the combat routines will creep between your synapses. At that point everything will become natural and fluid, you will start to have fun seriously and you will do circus numbers … too bad that just when you start to enjoy it, the end will suddenly come.

Bayonetta’s combat system is still satisfactory today and the finishing moves have maintained their very high rate of madness

Vanquish’s only Achilles heel is in fact longevity. To reach the end credits, 7/8 hours are enough: too few for a title of which one inevitably finds himself wanting a much larger slice. At your disposal you will still have some accessory Challenges of the purest arcade mold that will give you the opportunity to throw up another river of lead on increasingly consistent waves of enemies.

A small plus that will be able to at least partially appease the desire for destruction, does not pay off after the excellent but too short main adventure. Fans have been clamoring for a sequel for some time now but for now Platinum Games is a deaf ear. Maybe a good reception of this 10th anniversary edition could convince the team to get their hands on the series again. Fingers crossed.

Both Bayonetta and Vanquish prove that the games developed by Platinum Games do not age. Today like yesterday they are fresh, fun and adrenaline-pumping. A double shot like the one offered by this mini-collection is not to be missed, especially if you have not had the opportunity to play the originals at the time of their release, but also if you want to recover them to enjoy the support for 4K and 60fps, the only real plus of these editions that do not have content bonuses.

Vanquish’s plot is a futuristic version of the Cold War, in which a Russian superpower dares to challenge the United States.

Aesthetically, the past 10 years are noticeable despite the facelift operated on both titles, but the overall view is still extremely pleasant and the extreme speed of the action will rarely give you the opportunity to notice the “wrinkles” accumulated over time. .

At the time of writing, the games are not available separately on digital stores, but we hope that this gap will soon be filled in order not to force those who have played at least one of the two to purchase the entire bundle. Which, for the record, still has an inviting launch price of 40 euros.