Ben 10: A Super Journey is now available in Portuguese with physical media on PS4 and Xbox One. Surely you must be wondering how that was possible. First, the distribution of the game was taken over by 1080 Partners and Rcell. The companies came together to bring this incredible release to fans of the character. The release date was chosen by Outright Games, the game’s publisher. Undeniably, it was chosen precisely for the purpose of boosting its sales, after all, we are in the month of children.

Check the synopsis below:

When Ben, Gwen and Grandpa finally get a break to enjoy their holidays exploring Europe, the mysterious wizard Hex takes the opportunity to unleash the power of four mystical crystals capable of cursing the entire continent. Now, alongside an unlikely (and powerful) ally, his former rival Kevin 11, Ben will have to show what he’s capable of and save the world again.

Surprisingly, Ben 10’s journey: A Super Journey can be lived through in local cooperative mode, sharing the screen and the couch with best friends and family.

Main features of Ben 10: A Super Journey

EXPLORE a 3D world filled with powers, items and collectibles
TRANSFORM yourself into powerful aliens including Diamond, Four Arms and Flame
UNVEIL the truth behind the mysterious crystals and cracks created by them
FACE fearsome enemies in exciting combat
JOIN rival Kevin 11 in local cooperative matches

In short, the game is an excellent adventure for the whole family. It is an excellent way to introduce the little ones to the world of games!

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