The iPhone is a device that has changed everything and that we can use almost for anything, one of them is in our cars. Whether as a multimedia device or as a GPS with applications such as Apple Maps or Google Maps, using the iPhone in the car is very widespread, but for do it safely we need good support for our car.

However, despite seeming somewhat simple, we have many different options to place our iPhone in the car. Depending on our own car and our personal tastes, we can choose one or the other solution. We have chosen 6 different options, with varied designs and prices, for all types of users.

UGREEN grid support

A car holder from a very brand proven for its quality and good price. It has a clip on the back that holds onto most vents and a mechanism that locks when you insert the iPhone for a very secure hold.

Ossky support

A very attractive design with moving parts that is designed to occupy very little when we are not using it. It is compatible with practically all vents and has a mechanism to position it according to your tastes. A very interesting and innovative option.

UGREEN stand with wireless charging

East is the best car holder that you will find. It’s a lot like our first recommendation, but adding wireless charging. Thus you will charge your iPhone while holding it in an ideal position. It is certainly the most complete on the list, and for its price it is worth it.

Modohe horizontal support

One of the few options for those who want use iPhone in landscape mode No danger. The maps can be seen better in this position and this support can be placed in various places on the dashboard of our car. Of course, verify that your vehicle is compatible with this type of supports.

Mpow windshield mount

A classic option that has been used for years without problems. These types of supports are compatible with absolutely all types of vehicles and guarantee extra support. In addition, it allows us to put the iPhone in many positions, something that not all offer.

Support for Mpow CD slot

This bracket is intended only for certain types of cars, but If your car has a CD tray, this may be the best solution, since this tray is usually centered. If you have a compatible car, this option is undoubtedly the best, and the most discreet.

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