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Big commotion in Fortnite leading up to Season 8

Big commotion in Fortnite leading up to Season 8

Everywhere on the map of the Battle Royale game Fortnite, players will find crazy cracks in the ground. Dataminers and leaks say they have found traffic jams indicating that earthquakes and a volcanic eruption will occur to kick off the new season.

The start of the eighth Fortnite season is approaching and the community is being shaken up by changes to the map. Players everywhere find cracks in the ground and wonder what this could mean. According to various leaks and information excavated from the Fortninte files, there may be a folder-changing event taking place! (Cataclysm, anyone?) The files indicate possibly multiple earthquakes and a volcanic eruption.

Epic Games has also not done their best to make these files unobtrusive. For example, there are files called ‘S8 Leadup Events’ and ‘Gameplay Cue Earthquake Tremors’. Fortnite, on the other hand, has already fooled its players with a meteor that would crash. Season 8 of Fortnite will kick off on February 28, so until then we can dig around the Earth for more clues.

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