Bioware announces that Anthem has reached the Alpha phase of its development!

Anthem, one of the most anticipated videogames of 2019, has reached its alpha phase. Bioware. What does this imply? We will tell you.

Anthem, one step closer to our homes

Casey hudson, GM of Bioware and developer of the title, has confirmed that Anthem has reached its alpha phase, which implies that all parts of the video game are operational.

The team has done incredibly hard work getting to Alpha, and considering the complexity and scale of a game like Anthem, crossing this goal on time is a tremendous achievement. Now that all the important pieces are already in the game, we can fully dedicate ourselves to fixing bugs, testing and optimizing, which will be a lot of work with such a large universe.

Additionally, Bioware released a new trailer called Our world, my story, which delves a little deeper into Anthem and what awaits us.

Anthem will be available on February 22, 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We offer you a list of news that compiles everything we know so far about Anthem:

  • BioWare confirms that Anthem will not support Mods
  • Anthem – New details revealed about weapons, armor, servers, etc.
  • This is the wide map that Anthem will have
  • Anthem Offers New Details On Weapons And Armor Customization
  • Anthem will not have crossplay at launch
  • Mark Darrah talks about the cooperative and social section of Anthem
  • A solo mode is confirmed for Anthem
  • Anthem will not allow extensive character face customization

Do you think that the arrival to this phase will imply a possible and next free trial? Or at least for those who reserve the game? What do you think?