Bioware Director and Dragon Age Producer Leave Company, Without Affecting Projects

Two key figures at BioWare, managing director Casey Hudson and Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah, have left the company, although that will not affect their current projects, such as Dragon Age 4, Anthem or Mass Effect Remastered.

Two key BioWare people leave the company: Casey hudson, Managing Director of Bioware, and Mark Darrah, executive producer of the Dragon Age series. Bioware and EA have confirmed this in a statement signed by Laura Miele, EA’s head of studies, in which they assure that these games they will not affect your current projects.

Bioware management is essentially in the hands of two people. Samantha Ryan, senior vice president, will continue to oversee Bioware, and Gary McKay, senior director of development operations, will serve as interim managing director.

For its part, the next Dragon Age 4, Bioware’s current main project, will now be led by Christian dailey, Blizzard and BioWare Austin veteran. Matthew goldman he is still the creative director of the project, which is still under development. Precisely, they showed a development diary at Gamescom, and shortly before Darrah himself returned to talk about the game, highlighting the difficulties of working from home.

Other current BioWare projects include the remastering of the recently announced Mass Effect trilogy, as well as future Anthem expansions.

This is the second time that Hudson has left the company, having already been away between 2014 and 2017, working at Microsoft as creative director. In a statement signed by Casey Hudson, he appreciates having spent almost 20 years at Bioware and continued fan support for Anthem and Star Wars The Old Republic.

Mark Darrah He also said goodbye in a statement, recalling his career the last 23 years, with the irony that when he started in the 1990s, CRPG (computer role-playing games) was considered a dead genre. Darrah worked on the entire Dragon Age series as a producer, and as a programmer He also participated in Jade Empire or Baldur’s Gate.