This Wednesday, the 12th, the Sony Interatctive Entertainment released a new commercial for its top-of-the-line console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Entitled “Feel the Power of PlayStation“(” Feel the Power of PlayStation “, in free translation) the trailer narrates, in a tense way and in the best molds of the classic sci-fi thrillers, a fictional short film teaser. See the video result below.

Told in an unconventional way, the company puts a group of military personnel who are investigating an underground site, on a sort of reconnaissance mission. Remembering the atmosphere of cinematic adaptations such as DOOM, Alien and the sci-fi thrillers, the small trailer concludes, through a metaphor and a plot at least bizarre, presenting the technological revolution, so to speak, that the console brought to the current generation.

It is important to remember that this is not the first time Sony has produced bizarre videos to publicize its video game brand. In 2007, the company unveiled a trailer presenting the Playstation 3 that it is impossible not to create discomfort in those who watch, where a baby doll faces the console in front of him and starts to have lapses when visualizing the supposed universes that the PS3 experience would bring to his life. The trailer was even called the “scariest commercial” by those who uploaded the video to their YouTube channel. See below.

In 2016, the content creator bulbassauro.exe made a compilation containing several of the scary commercials Sony has created for its products over the years. The case is definitely recurrent and more serious than you think, although the company has improved a lot in recent years. Watch the video below, dubbed in Portuguese.

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