Black Friday offers: Dust off SanDisk memory cards for Nintendo Switch cheaply

  • Various SanDisk storage products are discounted for Black Friday
  • Including microSD cards for the Nintendo Switch
  • You can also get SD cards for cameras and other devices cheaper

Your Nintendo Switch requires more storage space? If you’re purely digital, that could happen sooner or later.

The more games you buy digitally, the greater the space worries, which of course is not a Nintendo-exclusive problem.

If you run out of space or you want to upgrade the available memory or add another SD card, Amazon has exactly the right offers for you on Black Friday in the form of several SanDisk memory cards!

Here are the cards that can be used with the Switch:

  • 128 GB for 15.99 euros instead of 22.41 euros

  • 256 GB in Nintendo design for 42.99 euros instead of 63.64 euros

  • 256 GB for 24.99 euros instead of 53.99 euros

  • 400 GB for 54.99 euros instead of 73.05 euros

  • 512 GB for 53.99 euros instead of 74.49 euros

Independent of these microSD cards, SanDisk also has larger SD cards on offer, if you need them for cameras and the like, for example:

  • 64 GB for 13.99 euros instead of 26.99 euros

  • 128 GB for 18.99 euros instead of 25.64 euros

  • 256 GB for 40.99 euros instead of 89.99 euros

  • 256 GB for 35.99 euros instead of 51.99 euros

What for you guys? If you want to browse further, you will find an overview of all SanDisk storage products that are currently reduced in price for Black Friday via the following link.