Blasphemous: Unlock Ending A and B (Path of the Believer and Unworthy)

Blasphemous is one of the best and most gripping Metroid- or Castlevania-style games that you can find in this extensive field.

It is full of secrets and ingeniously linked locations, which are what make this dark adventure the greatest attraction to discover.

Similar to games à la Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Hollow Knight or Bloodborne, there are several endings – two in number, a good and a bad one – of which the A variant (the good ending) is so deeply hidden, that you can hardly find it without help.

Each end gives you its own trophy: “The believer’s path“for end A and”The path of the unworthy“for the end of B.

Read here how you guys Unlock all ends in Blasphemous can and what to do for it.

Unlock end B in Blasphemous

This ending is considered the bad of both. Most players who play through blasphemous (which is an achievement in itself) should achieve it in the first round because there is actually nothing to consider.


  • Follow the course of the game to the final and defeat the final boss without any further preparation.
  • You are not allowed to completely complete the steps required to reach End A (see below).

Unlock end A in Blasphemous

Here it becomes more time-consuming and significantly more complicated, as you have to do and complete a few things that are difficult to come up with on your own.


  • Find the Immaculate Pearl in the “Cemetery on the Summits” area and equip it in the Rosary Pearls menu.

Here you can find the pearl.

  • With the equipped pearl you have to die three times in a row. You will notice that the color and name of the pearl in the inventory change to “Pearl Marked by Guilt”.
  • After three deaths, the pearl transforms into the “weight of true guilt”.
  • Now you have to find the seven statues of the Confessors and destroy them. These are the rooms in which you can have your debt paid off.

1. Cemetery on the peaks:

2. Rise of the lawsuit:

3. Dreams of Mercy:

4. Library of Negative Words:

5. Mother of all mothers:

6. Wall of Holy Prohibitions:

7. Brotherhood of Mute Mourning:

  • After destroying each statue, a red portal will appear on the ground that will take you to a small arena.
  • Complete all of these seven arenas by killing all opponents who want to ruin you.
  • This clears the place of guilt and you have made arrangements for the happy ending.
  • Now follow the normal course of the game, defeat the final boss and you will experience an alternative ending sequence.