In recent days, hackers have made available several Blizzard games for free download on their Discord server. Among the latter, we find in particular Diablo II Resurrected, as well as Starcraft: Remastered and Warcraft III: Reforged. Besides distributing games, Blizzless has a very specific goal in mind: to free players restrictions imposed by Battlethe official Blizzard launcher.


“Blizzless is a project aimed at removing the restrictions of the classic products of a well-known company, imposed by the network connection to the servers”, declares the collective in a press release. “Our team sees the purpose in developing alternative servers to be able to use purchased products without restrictions, without collecting personal data and after support ends. »

Blizzless thus wishes to fight against the conditions of use of Blizzard, which obliges the players to log in to their Battle account to play online to his titles. In addition, the collective denounces the risk of lose your toy library overnight, following a bug as has already been the case on Steam or simply an unforeseen decision by the studio. Finally, Blizzless discusses the punishment they believe is unfair to Russian and Belarusian players as a result of the war in Ukraine.

For the time being, the pirates’ projects are still unclear. Nevertheless, the latter raised the idea of open source their hack in the future. “We plan to release some of our source code when we’re done, so the community can explore and use it. Given the above, it would be somewhat hypocritical not to,” they explained.

Diablo Immortal stays the course, surpassing $100 million in revenue

Diablo Immortal has suffered many criticisms and it is an understatement to say it, but it must be recognized that the status of the license has nevertheless had its effect: the title has just exceeded the 100 million dollar mark in revenue, and this in the space of two months. For comparison according to the aforementioned site, it is better than Fire Emblem Heroes (current Nintendo’s biggest success on the mobile market) but nevertheless far from a Pokemon Go for example (100 million was reached 4 times faster).

Blizzard can therefore rub their hands, especially since the title can take a big boost with the launch in China earlier this week, where it ranked top 1 in downloads on the AppStore, and in the top 3 games that generated the most revenue.

Diablo Immortal: free-to-play is a huge success, even Fortnite failed to do better!

Diablo’s hell is paved with greenbacks

To say that the economic model of Diablo Immortal was quickly challenged upon its release is an understatement. In little time than it takes to say it, a large part of the players have stepped up to denounce the very strong presence of microtransactions, and the scandal continues. However, if half of the players express their dissatisfaction, the other half does not hesitate to pace the game up and down and across while spending pucks sums of money in the free-to-play . At the very beginning of the month, the numbers reached each day made your head spin and announced record months to come for Blizzard.

The studio and some project executives don’t care about polemics as long as the game is successful. Besides, according to some, the title works very well with casual gamers. However, they are not the ones who run the ticket machine and the least we can say is that it has been running at full speed since the game was released on June 2.

Millions in spades, but much slower than Pokémon Go

Those who love beautiful graphics are served! They are once again the ones to turn to when comparing the financial successes of some of the biggest mobile games. On this market, the competition is fierce: we noticed it, again recently, with the dollars earned by the mobile version of League of Legends. However, Diablo Immortal has just entered the very select club of titles having reached 100 million dollars in revenue in record time.

Yes you are not dreaming : in the space of eight weeks, not even two months of existence, Diablo Immortal has pocketed the tidy sum of 100 million dollars ! Admittedly, the popularity of the license is no longer to be proven, but it is impossible for it to compete with the undisputed master, Pokemon Go, which achieved this feat in just two weeks at the time of its release! Nevertheless, the nice feat that free-to-play can add to its gallery of trophies is that of having managed to collect this mountain of tickets faster than Fortnite of which 100 million were reached on mobile in the space of 12 weeks.

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