Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Guarantees Access to World of Warcraft Classic

In addition to allowing you to follow all the news from Blizzcon and guaranteeing some items for Blizzard games, the event’s Virtual Ticket has just gained an extra dose of nostalgia. Whoever buys the entry key for the broadcasts will also guarantee a chance to play the World of Warcraft Classic Beta, a version that resumes the mechanics of the MMO at an earlier time.

Access to the game should be released around 5 pm (GMT) on November 2, right after the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2018. All players will be able to test some missions and explore the two initial areas of the game, one made for the Alliance and another dedicated to the Horde – the demonstration is scheduled to air until 4 pm on November 8.

The Virtual Ticket also earns Alliance and Horde War Mantle, as well as a Storm Banner of the Stormwind Champion or Hero of Orgrimmar – the item obtained depends on the faction you have sworn allegiance to. The entrance also yields the legendary Demon Hunter Shadow skin in Overwatch and the Bocafiada mount in Heroes of the Storm.