Almost 1 year after its first release on Nintendo Switch, we are delighted to announce BodyQuest, our next Science-themed educational game that will be available on Nintendo’s hybrid console in 2021. Also, children and not so young will be able to enjoy the adventure on iOS and Android devices. We will announce its final release date soon and we will offer you all the final details of the game.

BodyQuest is an adventure that takes place inside the human body and mixes puzzles, platforms and educational activities in a fun environment, full of evil bosses and special weapons. Year 2142, a strange disease has spread throughout the world and only a group of researchers using nanotechnology will be able to find the remedy. Enter the body of Finn, a sick child, and go through his locomotor, nervous, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems to find a cure that saves humanity.

They say that fiction sometimes resembles reality and, in this case, more than ever. Though BodyQuest It began to develop before the arrival of Covid-19, there are certain similarities that have been unavoidable, so much so that an enemy very similar to a Coronavirus appears in one of the levels. Additionally, nods to Marvel characters and popular culture appear throughout the game.

About BodyQuest

“Mathland was very well received on Nintendo Switch and we have decided to bet on the platform again with BodyQuest, its audience connects very well with our educational games and there are not many of this subject on the console”, said David Rioja, CEO of Didactoons.

“BodyQuest was born in March 2019, at that time we already had the design of the first game assets. Although it was not until March 2020 that its development took hold. We detected that there was a lack of software and websites that would support the Natural Sciences subject. For this reason, we decided to create a video game that, from our perspective, will help them learn how the parts of the human body work. And that he did it in a functional and practical way, not just theoretical ”, Antonio Muñoz, co-founder of Didactoons, has declared.

Especially suitable for ages 6 and up. BodyQuest It has 4 main characters that can be chosen at the beginning of the game and be modified at any moment of the game. At Didactoons we reward good learning and, as levels are overcome and collectibles are obtained in the form of diplomas. Our characters can be customized to get better scooters, tools and accessories.

The adventure is divided into 25 levels, five for each device, as well as didactic exercises that can be played outside the adventure to improve on those questions that may have been failed. BodyQuest It is adapted to the ages of its players and for that reason the same content is not taught at an initial level as at a more advanced one. In this way, boys and girls find new challenges to overcome the adventure. The game will arrive fully translated into Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese and Korean. “Something that has been a challenge to have to adapt to different educational languages ​​and their levels,” said David Rioja.

BodyQuest it is being developed in Unity with its own level editor, which is based on the experience of MathLand. It should be noted that, although it will also be released on iOS and Android devices, the game is being developed from scratch on Nintendo Switch. And it will be the one that is taken as a reference for the creation of mobile versions.

On an artistic level, it features original music by Daniel Nuñez Martín. Composer who has worked with Didactoons on the MathLand and ABC Dinos soundtracks. In addition, he has composed the soundtrack of the video game A Rite From The Stars and of several short films.

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