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B*****s will move in Dead or Alive 6

B*****s will move in Dead or Alive 6

Team Ninja is on a tough mission to build respect around the Dead or Alive series while trying to keep it s**y, but that doesn’t mean they’re dropping one of its main features.

Since the days when the series was conducted by Tomunobu Itagaki, Dead or Alive has become known for its women whose breast physics allowed for showy movement.

The news that this would be ruled out in Dead or Alive 6 was a buzz among the gaming community, but its director says it was incredibly exaggerated and not true.

In a conversation with GameInformer, Yohei Shimbori stated that women’s b*****s will continue to move, as has become characteristic of the series.

Depending on the fact and the material, whether it is solid material or soft material, it will be different,” said Shimbori after confirming that the news was highly exaggerated and did not represent reality..

“We look at the way the body moves, not just the b*****s, but other elements as well. We really want to present more natural body movements. In this current version, it’s probably implemented at 70% only compared to what it will be in the end.”

Shimbori says that Dead or Alive 6 is being developed with fans’ expectations in mind and wants to put an end to those rumors about the total lack of physical b*****s.

However, it highlights the work that the team has put into the characters, from facial animations to scratches, sweat and even wounds, something that will be more important than the movement of the b*****s.

Dead or Alive 6 will hit stores February 15, 2019 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.