Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy, halfway point – review

The journey of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare towards the end of its life cycle. With Supremacy, the third downloadable content guaranteed by the game’s season pass, Sledgehammer Games will add the “usual” amount of maps to its shooter, plus a new scenario for the Exo Zombies mode.

The feeling, however, is that, like at school, a bit of tiredness and a desire to go on vacation begin to emerge. This can be seen from the absence of the additional weapon that was offered as a small appetizer before the previous two DLCs, as well as from the presence of at least two maps heavily inspired by some classic battlefields of the past.

But let’s start from the positive points of the package: among these we certainly include Carrier, the new scenario of Exo Zombies. This continues the epic of Oz (John Malkovich), Lilith Swann (Rose McGowan), Jim Decker (Jon Bernthal) and Kahn (Bill Paxton), former Atlas employees who escaped a zombie epidemic that spread in the company’s laboratories. .

This time the journey takes them aboard an aircraft carrier and meet a new character played by the unforgettable Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness. In this new installment we do not see any big news of the proven formula, but everything, from the remixing of the game mechanics previously learned and expanded by the Exo movements, to the light-hearted tone of the narrative, passing from the variety of enemies and objectives to be completed that it will force you to change your strategy often, it works beautifully and will surely amuse the lovers of this cooperative mode.

The cast of Exo Zombies is enriched with another well-known face.

The second highlight is the Kremlin map. As it is easy to understand from the name, this is set in a Red Square in Moscow overturned by the fighting under the walls of the Kremlin, but nevertheless able to charm with its colors and its architecture.

The map has a rather complex design, with several elevated positions in which to snipe, a fixed position with which to dominate the area and several other points where the fighting will concentrate.

One of its strengths is certainly its versatility, which combined with its discrete dimensions makes it very suitable for almost all lens modes.

Despite being the remake of Highrise, the famous map of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Skyrise still proves to be quite fun and balanced. It is a small to medium-sized arena in which you can take full advantage of the new movement capabilities guaranteed by the Exo-suits. The scenario that frames it is always that of the Acropolis of Athens, except that the futuristic setting, we are in 2054, changes its connotations a little.

With such a scenario, a map can’t be bad!

Another reason to appreciate the maps is the presence of the playlist with the grapple (Exo-Grapple), an accessory that immediately proved to be very fun and suitable for the fast and frenetic gameplay of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, since it guarantees even mobility. superior and a truly exceptional verticality.

Despite the rather spectacular scenery, you will play on an aircraft carrier anchored in the Thames in front of the English Parliament, which did not particularly impress us. Parliament is a medium-sized map with some interesting lines of fire suitable for snipers.

The side corridors must be exploited in order not to die too quickly but this seems to put the game in difficulty, unable to find respawn points sufficiently sheltered from enemies. Players will also be able to use some missile batteries to break through enemy defenses.

Among the negative sides of the package we mention as already mentioned the absence of a new weapon, an element that perhaps will not move the hand of quality in one way or another, but given the cost of these DLCs it is an unjustifiable lack.

London hasn’t changed much in recent years.

In addition, Compound is a map not very inspired, small in size, suitable for frantic clashes, perhaps too much. Dying will be very easy and you will hardly be able to come up with a valid strategy, as people armed with shotguns will appear almost everywhere, making your games very fast and frustrating. Its design is also not convincing, as instead of fascinating world capitals you will be inside an Atlas training area.

Supremacy is therefore the weakest addition among those included in the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare season pass. The absence of a new weapon, a remake and a map too hectic to be fun is not satisfying, given the always unpopular price of the package. The other side of the coin is the rock-solid Exo Zombies campaign, Kremlin, a map that’s truly beautiful to look at and fun to play, and the return of the grappling hook.

The feeling is that with Advanced Warfare he has already given his best, but we are confident in a last DLC pack able to leave a sweet memory on the debut of Sledgehammer Games in the Activision series.

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