Launched during the first confinement, Call of Duty Warzone has become a true video game phenomenon. Both loved and hated, the Battle Royale from the Call of Duty franchise is one of the most popular of the moment. So when rumors of a 2.0 version began to emerge, fans entered a daze (we’re hardly exaggerating).

With Warzone 2.0, Activision-Blizzard promises to take advantage of next-gen consoles and thus considerably improve graphic quality. By the way, the developers have reviewed the gameplay, a new map and new rules accompany this complete overhaul of the Battle Royale.

We take a full look at all the new stuff.

When is Warzone 2.0 coming out?

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 releases on November 16, 2022 on consoles and PC. This is the release “the most ambitious in the history of Cal of Duty” explained Activision which promises “a completely redesigned experience”.

The publisher also took the opportunity to announce the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile, a port of its battle royale for smartphones and tablets. Its release date is scheduled for 2023, without further details.

What price for Warzone 2.0?

Like its predecessor, Warzone 2.0 will be available for free on all platforms. No need to buy Call of Duty to play battle royale.

On the other hand, Activision will continue its monetization strategy by offering exclusive content to those who buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, the next version of its famous FPS, available from October 28, 2022.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 will always include multiple packs to equip weapons, skins or skills. Warzone 2.0 should therefore always be a “Pay-to-win” game, a model that annoyed a good part of the players.

The new Warzone 2.0 map

Who says new version of the battle royale says new map. After Verdansk then Caldera, Al Mazrah will be the scene of clashes between players.

While Verdansk was a fairly vertical map (urban environment) in contrast to Caldera (in the middle of the pampas), Al Mazrah should be a mix of both worlds. Players will find themselves in the middle of ruins in a desert region that is reminiscent of the scenery of recent clashes in Iraq or Afghanistan. Attention, Al Mazrah is inspired by this decorum but remains a fictitious card.

Warzone 2.0 was developed on the same engine as Modern Warfare II and therefore optimized for next gen consoles. As a result, the graphic quality, the animations, the movements are all much more fluid and realistic.

Warzone 2.0: what’s new in the gameplay?

If the regulars of Warzone will quickly find their habits in terms of handling (the keys do not change), they will have to adapt to the new graphic charter.

The battle royale is more realistic, also the movements, the phases of the game, the duels are slower. The operation of the loot (recovery of weapons, armor plates, ammunition etc.) changes completely. Now players must select each item from the crates they find, much like PUBG. More tedious, this process also slows down the evolution in the game.

Among the other novelties, the functioning of the reduction of the play area (pushed by the toxic gas) also changes radically. The map being much larger, the developers chose to reduce the game area first into three smaller areas. The remaining players therefore compete in these respective zones and then must go to the only final zone.

Another drastic change: the Gulag version 2.0 now opposes two to four players (two per team). They must join forces to eliminate the rival team and earn the right to join their respective teammates.

Other more minimal new features are also planned such as clashes in the Bastions, fights on the water or even the third person view.

First reviews of Warzone 2.0

During the Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 launch event, Activision invited streamers around the world for a first play session on a beta version. The objective was obviously to discover the gameplay but also to take feedback from these specialists in order to correct what could be a problem.

If the majority of players say they are won over by this new, more realistic experience (thanks in particular to a graphic quality finally worthy of the next-gen), all point out that the new loot system is likely to pose a problem. While it took less than a second to empty the boxes (for the fastest), it now takes several seconds to sort the equipment you need.

So there are still a few weeks left for Activision to optimize the set and perhaps adjust this loot problem. See you on November 16, 2022. “It’s Warzone time!” “.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, the monument of online FPS arrives on smartphone

Let’s clarify the subject right away, yes Call of Duty: Mobile already exists on Android and iPhone smartphones. It has been a great success for several years and the publisher promises to continue to follow this episode. On the other hand, Activision is now moving up a gear with a much more ambitious project: Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

Free-to-play was already a huge success on console and PC. It now comes to mobile.


Unlike other hit games like Fortnite, which have already made this gateway to the smartphone world, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is an experience well isolated from console and PC play. The objective for the publisher was to create a real experience truly optimized for the touch screen of smartphones, without risk of imbalance with keyboard/mouse or joystick players.

On the other hand, crossplay will be there to allow Android players to play with iPhone or iPad users. The mobile world together and the console world together, but no direct interactions between the two.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will also benefit from dedicated experience, events and content that we will not find on other versions.


The game is still built on the same technologies as Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, also unveiled this Thursday, September 15 by Activision. This is the first time that such a unified game engine has been used across so many titles.

The publisher announces that this sharing of technologies should make it possible to ensure many common functions between the mobile version and the main version of the game. This is particularly the case for the progression of the Battle Pass which will be common to both games.


If you’re familiar with Warzone, you should feel familiar with this Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile overview. Up to 120 players will be able to compete in a great battle royal with the gameplay that the firm promises to be “authentic” vis-à-vis the console experience.

Players will therefore be able to find the series’ arsenal, operators, and locations from Call of Duty: Warzone, including the very popular Verdansk map.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 brings big changes to the formula so a PvE faction

Activision and Infinity Ward have announced the first details of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, the successor to the incredibly popular battle royale. Among the major changes are a new AI faction that will be present during matches and a new take on the game ring mechanic.

Warzone 2.0 will be a “completely revamped experience” from scratch, specifically for next-gen systems, with the new Modern Warfare 2 engine. The game will launch on November 16, a few weeks after the release of Modern Warfare 2, and will remain a free game.

Rather than a return to Verdansk or Caldera, Warzone 2.0’s map takes place in the desert of Al Mazrah, a fictional region of Western Asia. The map will consist of a number of locations, which for the first time will be populated by an AI faction. Infinity Ward hopes the addition of PvE to Warzone will “bring the world of Al Mazarah to life” and add “higher stakes and more realistic combat scenarios”.

Other changes are made to the shrinking ring mechanism, modified to use offer plsueirsu circles. No details were given on how this works, but it is said that having multiple rings “changes endgame scenarios”, suggesting that the ring could behave in different ways.

A particularly defining element of Warzone, the respawn mechanic that is the Gulag, will also return in a new form. Gulag 2.0 changes battles from 1v1 to 2v2, and will require players to loot weapons and face off against a character called “The Jailer”. Again, no further details were provided, but it looks like this core mechanic will evolve a bit from what we’re used to.

Call of Duty takes the game engine to a new level in upcoming releases

Activision’s Call of Duty Next special event in Los Angeles saw a number of big announcements regarding the shooter franchise.

But perhaps one that may have gone unnoticed but is nonetheless quite relevant to the future of the series beyond Modern Warfare II is that now all Call of Duty games will share the same gameplay engine. game. It’s a polished version of the engine that debuted with Modern Warfare in 2019 and the combined talents of many studios.