When it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone, SBMM is a hot topic among the gaming community. The auto balance feature helps place skilled players into skilled lobbies so everyone has a balanced chance of winning. Recently, some fans noticed that Call of Duty: Warzone streamers and content creators have been showing up in lobbies of low-skilled players and are apparently manipulating this controversial system.

This discovery was triggered by the companion app Call of Duty: Warzone that many players used to cheat. By displaying player stats within certain lobbies, players were able to gauge their chances of winning early and bailing out in particularly highly rated environments. Mix this up with the concept of reverse reinforcement, and there’s an immediate problem among the gaming community.

Call of Duty: Warzone YouTuber Drift0r is accusing content creators of using a manipulation method to affect SBMM. Considering that most of the players know SBMM. Drift0r claims that there is an alternative method that can manipulate the SBMM system and activate Warzone lobbies easier. Using this process, a player might find themselves in a low-skill lobby about two-thirds of the time, but it doesn’t explain how directly.

The YouTuber found out using the controversial Call of Duty: Warzone Companion app that many of the best gamers are showing up in low-skill lobbies. While he’s not sure exactly how they’re doing it, the consistency is prevalent enough that players obviously exploit some factor in the matchmaking process. Drift0r has forwarded its findings to Activision officials, but has received no response so far.

Their evidence and findings raise several questions for the CoD: Warzone community. Players have started to question the fairness of competitive Warzone, with many wondering if streamers have overlooked SBMM in tournament formats. Fans are wondering if Kill Race competitions and world records that use an exploit like this should even count.

Using various websites to analyze Call of Duty: Warzone record-holder lobbies, fans have come across surprising information. Record holders like HusKerrs have been placed in the lobbies of players who are statistically worse at the game than they are. While some fans claim this could be a coincidence, many think that streamers are manipulating the system in some way. Although it has not been tested, all eyes are on Drift0r, Activision and the alleged evidence sent to the development team.

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