Call of Duty: WW2 – What you can unlock with Soldier Prestige, Weapon Prestige and Division Prestige

The Prestige in Call of Duty WW2 Prestige it is similar to what we observed in the previous games, but with more things to maximize than usual.

Prestige in Call of Duty means reaching the maximum level and then starting over so that you can accumulate XP again. Although everything you unlocked along the way will be lost, there will be exclusive rewards and a distinct title that reveals that you have risen to the rankings of any player you come across online.

There are three areas where you can do Prestige in Call of Duty WW2 – Soldier Prestige, Division Prestige and Weapon Prestige – which gives you a lot to do as you try to master multiplayer.

Soldier Prestige rewards

Once you reach the general ranking of 55, you can head to a new area at Headquarters called Prestige Overlook, which is located in the passage on the right of the place where your Post Office is located.

When visiting the General on the edge of the cliff, you can make Soldier Prestige, which will result in the following:

  • Reset your level back to Rank 1
  • Reset weapons, equipment, Basic Training and Scorestreak unlockables
  • Keeps accessories, Challenges, camo, progressing calling card
  • Unlocks a single Prestige Player card, Prestige helmet
  • Unlock a slot for new classes
  • Gives you a Prestige Unlock reward (which allows you to permanently unlock anything, even after the Prestige)
  • Adds a temporary Prestige symbol to Headquarters
  • Permanent access to the Prestige Overlook at Headquarters
  • Unlock Achievement / Trophy

You can do Prestige multiple times, each time your Prestige rank will increase, unlocking new cosmetic items. Here is a video showing the Prestige Overlook area and the accessories you unlock the first time you do Prestige:

Division Prestige rewards

Each of the five Divisions has its own ranks. Once you have reached the maximum level of the fourth rank, you can choose to do Prestige as you would with Soldier Prestige. If you decide to move on, you will reset all the benefits you have obtained up to that point and for the first time in any Division, an Achievement or Trophy.

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As with Soldier Prestige, you can do Division Prestige more than once, giving you additional bonuses:

  • Division Prestige 1: Single Weapon and Basic Training
  • Division Prestige 2: Single Player Card
  • Division Prestige 3: Unique uniform
  • Division Prestige 4: Weapon variant

You can see the four Prestiges in the video below on the FlipArtz Youtube channel:

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Weapon Prestige rewards

Each weapon – both primary and secondary – also has its own rank. As the weapon increases in rank, you will unlock more accessories; if you decide to Prestige from a rank 12 in the Gunsmith present in Quartl-genreal, you will reset these accessories, but you will have the following in return:

  • Prestige 1 – Clan Tag
  • Prestige 2 – Kill Counter

You can add both to the weapon customization area in their respective Prestige field. You will have an interesting cosmetic item that will make up for all the hours you spent battling in Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer.