Your gamer heart might think this news isn’t worth it. But believe me, King’s games are a hit around the world, and mobile is one of the most profitable areas for Activision Blizzard, so much so that it’s the most profitable arm of the game. company in the last fiscal quarter, more than all PC and console revenue combined. No kidding.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of those addicted to the Farm Heroes saga, and I’m sure many who read this aren’t either. So today’s news may be good news for fans of King’s simple game mechanics.

Candy Crush on Xbox

Indeed, Candy Crush Saga, its biggest hit, has been listed for Xbox from the mobile app. This does not confirm the arrival of Candy Crush on Microsoft consoles. But knowing that games like Hexic and Peggle have been popular, I don’t think it’s strange that Microsoft wants to use the success of Candy Crush to boost console usage; after all, there is a version for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Candy Crush Saga appears on the Xbox store

To everyone’s surprise, the mega-hit of the mobile world Candy Crush Saga, has just appeared on the Xbox store! It is visible by the Xbox application, whose mention available appears, although it is not yet possible to download it.

This title from the King studio is one of the most played of all time on mobile, and incidentally on PC. This thanks to its ultra-addictive gameplay, which consists of playing with candy combinations to line up three of the same color. A principle that stems from the legendary Tetris (and more recently from Bejeweled), and which still demonstrates all its power today. King belonging to the Activision / Blizzard group, it is difficult not to see the beginning of the repercussions of the takeover by Microsoft!

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