The third season of Castlevania, the Netflix animated series, is approaching. Yesterday (13), the streaming platform released a teaser to show fans a little bit of what they can expect on March 5.

See the trailer below.

The video is packed with action and puts viewers in the middle of the plot of the new part of the animation. With Dracula’s disappearance, several factions are vying for control of the world. Some we already know, like Carmilla and Isaaca, master of the demonic forge, but other menacing creatures promise to emerge from the darkness behind power.

Meanwhile, Dracula’s old demonic hordes are wreaking havoc as they wish, either because they are under the command of one of these new factions, or simply because they lack a leader.

In the midst of this confusion, Trevor Belont, Alucard and Sypha must use all their strength to prevent these new evils from taking over the world. The trio will count on the help of new sporadic allies and will do whatever it takes to maintain the peace they have fought for so much in previous seasons.

Castlevania’s third season hits the streaming service on March 5.

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