Summerfall Studios is the development studio created by among others David Gaider, which he left BioWare after the end of the work with Dragon Age Inquisition. The team had announced its first project some time ago, Chorus (not to be confused with the eponymous space horror game currently in development at Deep Silver), a musical adventure.

In December, the development studio published an update on the state of the game via the crowdfunding page Fig. The post was shared along with a video with some comments from the developers. According to the post, Gaider wanted to finish the first draft of the script over the holiday season, claiming he made excellent progress.

The development studio also worked hard with the concept artists creating environments, the user interface for the game and the creation of the characters. Now another group is focusing on the game’s lyrics and music, while Summerfall continues to look for new members to expand the staff. The campaign on Fig has officially ended and the study has managed to collect the entire figure previously fixed.

Chorus will arrive on PC: currently there is no news on other platforms or on a possible release date.

Source: GameRant

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