Christmas comes to Fortnite, WoW, Pokémon Go, Overwatch … These are the most outstanding events

It’s time to go home for Christmas and the great multiplayer games have also wanted to fulfill that tradition. Next, we leave you with some of the most important events of these winter holidays.

Temporary events have become one of the measures most demanded by the players of the great multiplayer games of the moment. The service titles are updated with the intention of modifying and adding challenges according to the theme of the holidays. Each one is different.

As in all cases the dates change, here we leave you some of the games that enjoy Christmas events, as well as their most important information so that you know how much they will be active and what news they incorporate.

Pokemon go

The Pokémon GO Parties event will begin on December 22nd and it will end on December 31st. During those days, Pikachu, Delibird, and Cubchoo will be wearing Christmas costumes, and ice-type Pokémon will abound in the wild, in raids, and in eggs.

On the other hand, Christmas items also arrive at the avatar store, stickers in pokeparadas and all kinds of bonuses depending on the day, such as double XP per raid, double the duration of Star Chunks, double the duration of Lucky Eggs, or double the duration of Stardust per capture.

Apex legends

The Holo Days return to Apex Legends. The Holofestive Cookies from the Respawn Entertainment battle royale have been active since December 1 and will run until January 4. Among the novelties of this event are:

The return of Winter Express game mode with Christmas aesthetic changes on the map. Of course, there are also cosmetic add-ons such as skins for the game’s legends, weapons, amulets and all kinds of rewards.


A new edition of Inverlandia is here. From December 15 to January 5, Overwatch celebrates Christmas with the new 4v4 game mode, Fatal Freeze. In this mode, teams will have to completely freeze their rivals. No player will die and the frozen ones can be melted by their allies.

Among the added cosmetics stand out five legendary skins (Reindhart, Mei, Moira, Zenyatta, Torbjörn) and much more, such as challenges to unlock epic skins such as Junkrat Elf, Gingerbread Ana, and Fresh Roadhog will also be available.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

December has been a great month for Animal Crossing New Horizons players and the best is yet to come. Toy Day arrives on December 24 to take advantage of the celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas.

During all this time you can enjoy loads of novelties, objects, furniture, unexpected views and best of all, being able to make snowmen. Although there are also very interesting events, such as seeing the Aurora Borealis.

World of warcraft

The Feast of the Winter Festival will allow World of Warcraft players to enjoy the new holiday content that lands on Azeroth. Pets, armor sets, recipes of all kinds, weapons and tons of rewards await players who have just enjoyed the premiere of Shadowlands.


After a successful celebration last year with Winterfest where tons of skins and cosmetics were given away, Fortnite seems to be preparing for a new Christmas event. It seems that some of the skins that will come to the game for free have already been leaked. We will be very attentive to see what Epic Games has prepared.

Rocket league

From the December 14th and over the next three weeks, Rocket League has added the winter event Frosty Fest, with holiday modes and free rewards. Winter Breakaway, Spike Rush and Heatseeker are the three main modes. In addition, there are also free cosmetic rewards such as the Festive Bow ornament, the Festive Fireplace wheels or the new animated Xmas Lights decal. Do not miss it.

World of warships

Following a mechanic similar to the Advent calendar, World of Warships is giving away free content every day. A number of winter trophies have also been released in the form of challenges that unlock various rewards.

Brawl stars

The Brawlidays have already started and with them a free gift a day in Brawl Stars. Two new brawlers have arrived: Edgar and Byron. The first of them can be obtained free of charge throughout these days.

On the other hand, Supercell has announced several Christmas themed skins and the Gift Theft game mode has also been arranged, so that the winter and the aesthetics of these holidays inspire the players of the mobile title.

Reasons and ways to enjoy Christmas are not lacking. Here are a few examples of games that bring a refreshing wintery proposition to your games. Willing to receive gifts from all sides?