Christmas event for Pokémon Go

On December 25, the new Pokémon Go winter event will arrive on our phones, and it will last until January 3.

During this time, players will be able to get a special daily use only incubator by visiting the PokéStops. In addition, the chances of getting eggs at PokéStops will be higher, and among these eggs could be the new 2nd generation baby Pokémon recently added to the game, such as Togepi or Pichu.

In addition, between December 30 and January 8, the probability of getting the starting pokémons will increase. Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and their entire evolutionary line will come out much more frequently. In addition, during this period, the bait modules will double their duration, and instead of remaining functional for 30 minutes, they will not be finished for a full hour.

Do you want to go back to exploring the streets of your city in search of Pokémons? How are you already wearing your Pokédex?