Chronicle of the Indie Developer Burger Awards 2014

“For those of you who don’t dare to make video games, be indie my friend!”.

With these words began last night a new edition of the increasingly multitudinous Indie Developer Burger Awards in the historic building of the University of Barcelona.

Like last year, David Jaumandreu from Undercoders and Juan Albero from We Use Power Ups once again acted as masters of ceremonies in an edition that was not without technical problems but that, overcoming all kinds of difficulties, achieved its goal; which is none other than bringing together indie developers from all over Spain to share some burgers, some beers and celebrate walking on the wild side of life.

The Indie Burger is a party that proudly celebrates the opposition to what Jaumandreu calls “clone factories” and to companies that “enter the lists on a checkbook basis.” It is a party between friends that started a few years ago with small hangouts in hamburgers, but yesterday already brought together almost 300 attendees.

It is also a party that is beginning to spread, as demonstrated by the Pintxo Developer that is already being held in the Basque Country and other initiatives that want to follow in the footsteps of the IDBA in other parts of Spain.

In yesterday’s edition, universities that have video game studios, such as the ESAT in Valencia or the ENTI in Barcelona, ​​were also present. It is curious how one of the most veteran of the place, Alex Roca from Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile, remembers how the one who tells you about His battles, how a few years ago there were hardly any studies and one had to make a living. Today, luckily for those who want to dedicate themselves to this, they proliferate.

Among resounding stone walls erected in the 19th century, attendees had the opportunity to see some interesting projects. Hill of Darkness is one of them. This is a final project from the Bloompix Studios 2013/14 Video Game Course that is designed for the Oculus Rift and looks quite promising.

The appointment also served to see the first trailers of three projects that will give a lot to talk about in the coming months: Mega magic from Beautifun Games, Rise & Shine by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team! and Legends of DHA from We Use Power Ups. Or also the announcement of the sequel to The Last Door.

And finally comes the distribution of awards and his usual joke. There are many who joked with the fact that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 had won the award for Best Game at the Gamelab awards the day before, or as Social Point the award for Innovation. There were also the classic jokes about the “indie” condition of Raul Rubio from Tequila Works, who are working on RIME for PS4.

The thing was as follows:

  • Most addicting game: Oh my goat by Crema Games
  • We want a sequel: The Last Door Collector’s Edition by The Game Kitchen
  • Less indie game: Zombeer by Moonbite Games
  • Insert Coin Award: Bill killem by CookieBit
  • Coolest game: The Last Door Collector’s Edition by The Game Kitchen
  • Candy Award: Out run by Dolores Entertainment and Pulse Studio
  • Please Try Again Award: Moors and Christians: The Game by Verónica Valls
  • Audience Award: Path of Shadow by IDEC-UPF

The specialized press also received a special award that went to our professional colleagues Videoshock, a website that has always covered the indie world.

The Indie Developer Burger Awards 2014 have been possible thanks to the efforts of many people that this article cannot cover and also to the sponsorship and effort of: Undercoders, We Use Powerups, ENTI, ESAT, Beautifun Games, Plunge Interactive, A Crowd Of Monsters, Super Awesome Hyperdimensional Mega Team, Drakhar Studio, Pintxo Developer, and Cookiebit.