Chuck Norris makes Christmas of the World of Tanks special

If you complete enough tasks, not only will the World of Tank get Christmas splendor, but Chuck Norris himself will join you as a tank commander.

The developers of World of Tanks never had to go next door for crazy ideas and hair-raising crossovers, so you don’t really be surprised when they promote their current in-game event with Chuck Norris. Norris is now, without exaggeration, a two-legged internet meme who is now coming and bringing in his World of Tanks his own separate entrance Christmas.

The video below explains in detail what you can expect during the holiday season thanks to the latest update, and by clicking here you can find the full patch note.

In the preview, Chuck Norris himself also appears, from whom you can get daily quests in the game – a total of 32 pieces can be completed between December 9 and January 11. If we complete enough tasks, Norris will join us as a tank commander as well.

During the Christmas period, we can also dress our garage in a completely festive robe, love flows, everyone is infinitely happy, we can start exploding each other into small little coffins, fully charged spiritually.

  • Developer: Wargaming
  • Publisher:
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: Action, MMO, Role Playing

World of Tanks is not only the first regular tank action game in the history of video games, but also a taste-and-blood MMO spiced with role-playing elements.