Cinnamon from Animal Crossing, new character confirmed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

We keep talking about the many news that the Nintendo Direct left us last night. One of the most anticipated games in this live (and always) is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This combined with the other great game of the night, Animal Crossing, made us have a new character confirmed… The adorable little dog Cinnamon, also known as Isabelle.

Cinnamon from Animal Crossing featured as character from Super Smash Bros Ultimate

With a short trailer of presentation, Cinnamon has been Introduced as a new playable character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Cinnamon is a Shih Tzu dog. Her main job is to act as secretary to the town mayor. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Cinnamon will have a large variety of weapons derived from Animal Crossing. A Cube, a broom, confetti or one Rod are just some of those that we can see in the trailer.

In addition, although Nintendo did not announce it officially, players who already have the Amiibo by Cinnamon they should be able to use it in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The announcement of this new character comes accompanied by the confirmation of a new Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch that will arrive in 2019. We leave you All the details In the following link.

By last, Nintendo has also mentioned that we shouldn’t expect too many more characters. new for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, we are almost certain that the Japanese company still has some ace up our sleeve with which we can surprise ourselves before the launch of the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be available exclusively for Nintendo switch from December 7, 2018. Here we leave you more details about the game.

Do you like the inclusion of Canela as a new playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Which unconfirmed character do you still miss? We read you in the comments!