Cloudflare activates Warp, its free VPN that you can upgrade in exchange for a monthly subscription

In early April, CDN giant Cloudflare announced Warp, a free VPN that would be available to all users using their DNS. This VPN could be activated from the applications for iOS and Android, but it was said that it would arrive later and that there was no specific date. But the wait is over and Warp is now available.

Warp is a VPN that can be used in three modes: the free one, Warp + or Warp + Unlimited. It integrates with DNS and can be activated from now on in mobile applications. The free mode has no traffic limitations, so it can be used without problems. However, those who opt for Warp + Unlimited and therefore for their subscription, will be able to get some advantages.

More speed and performance in exchange for inviting friends (or paying)

Reviewing the benefits of Warp, there are several elements to consider. The first are that it’s free and safe. The Cloudflare VPN, combined with DNS, encrypts from end to end all the connections we make from our mobile, according to the company, so that the operators will not be able to know our location or have access to our data.

On the other hand, it should be noted that we cannot choose the location of the servers to which we connect, so it may not be the best alternative for those looking to bypass the geographical restrictions of multimedia content services, for example. As for the Warp + and Warp + Unlimited modalities, it should be said that the first is based on a referral system and that the second is paid.

With Warp +, for each friend who signs up you will get 100 MB of monthly browsing up to a maximum of 1GB per month. From Cloudflare they say that with Warp + “we route your internet requests to avoid traffic jams”, that it is “even better (than Warp)” and that it is faster, but they do not detail how much. The plan Warp + Unlimited it is, indeed, like Warp +, but unlimited. It is striking that its price on Android is four euros per month, while on iOS it amounts to 5.49 euros per month.

In summary:

  • Warp: unlimited and free.
  • Warp +– More powerful than Warp in terms of performance and based on a referral system.
  • Warp + Unlimited: Like Warp +, but unlimited. Its price is 5.49 euros on iOS and 4 euros on Android.

The subscription is carried out through the Apple and Google platforms, so if at any time you decide to cancel it you will have to do it from the App Store or Google Play Store. To activate it, simply download the app on your mobile and, in the settings, select “ with Warp”. If you don’t want to use the VPN, you can continue using DNS as before.