WhatsApp Web is the synchronized version of WhatsApp through which you can check and reply to your messages from the browser on a PC. The experience is good, although it has some limitations and differences with respect to the WhatsApp application on mobile. For instance, not possible to make calls or video calls.

This last limitation, at least, has its days numbered. As they have been able to discover in WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on bring call and video call support to WhatsApp Web, and we even have some screenshots of how the system will work in the beginning.

WhatsApp calls from PC

WhatsApp Web allows you to chat from the browser or by installing the native application for PC, just by scanning a QR code from the mobile. The mobile is in charge of doing the hard work in the background, so one of the limitations it has is that you need keep the mobile on and connected to the Internet at all times.

It remains to be seen if this will change with the long-awaited multi-device support to come. What seems to be clear is that this operation will not prevent some somewhat more advanced functions from also reaching WhatsApp on the desktop, such as calls and video calls. WaBetaInfo has been able to activate the feature in testing, so we have some idea how it will look and work.

The feature is not active for users yet, but as we can see from the screenshot above, it appears that will be released first as a beta. The operation does not differ too much from how the calls work on the mobile: when they call you, a floating window appears to accept or reject, and in the same way we can start a call or video call from the top of the window, by tapping on the button from a contact’s camera or phone.

At the moment it is a mystery when calls and video calls will be available on the web version of WhatsApp, although according to WaBetaInfo, it could be a matter of weeks. Another interesting piece of information from your report is that it should include support for group calls and video calls. We will have to wait.

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