Controversy with an episode of Pokémon Travel for a “cruel” scene with Blaziken related to cannibalism

Pokémon has starred in a new controversy with its new anime. An episode of Pokémon Travel has been labeled cruel due to a scene involving Blaziken.

If we mention Pokémon and ideas related to cannibalism, the phrase is strange, at least, but it seems that this is the idea that has been formed around a scene from one of the episodes of the anime Pokémon Travel.

The community of fans of the Nintendo and Game Freak franchise has protested due to what according to many has been branded “cruel” after Blaziken was forced to eat his own kind in a contest. We will tell you the nuances of the scene, which you can see a little below.

The Pokémon Travel anime, which was released in 2019, premiered an episode last November that has raised blisters among the community due to a thorny issue. In the chapter we witness a scene in which the protagonists participate in a food contest.

One of the most powerful rivals and one that is emerging in the competition is the pokémon Blaziken, Hoenn’s fire-type initial and one of the most beloved pokémon. So far everything is correct, but in one scene, one of the dishes that Blaziken should eat is a kind of cookies in the shape of small Torchic, which is his first evolution.

The pokémon’s appetite disappears and with sad music, Blaziken picks up the chicks and leaves the competition with tears in his eyes. Although the scene was broadcast only in Japan, it has been around the world and many have mentioned pokémon cannibalism on occasion. Here you can see the scene.

Blaziken was dominating the food eating contest but then .. from r / pokemon

What do you think of this whole thing? It is not the first time that Pokémon is labeled cruel in anime. A year ago, the scene of the new Pokémon anime outraged fans for its cruelty.