Cooler Master Ultimate QuickFire – review

Mechanical keyboards love or hate each other. The typical “click” each time a key is pressed can be a pleasant sound or a terrible annoyance. The fact remains that the quality and durability of this type of keyboard, especially for those looking for precision in game or for long writing sessions, are unattainable for membrane keyboards, despite being the most widespread in terms of technology adopted by most. of hardware manufacturers for scale consumption.

For some time now, however, almost all brands have been reversing course, introducing models equipped with mechanical switches in their catalog. Cooler Master is one of the most active brands with several products aimed at the most demanding gamers and one of them is definitely the Ultimate QuickFire included in the Storm catalog, the Cooler Master gaming sector. Key features include the use of Cherry MX Brown, Blue or Red switches, adjustable backlighting and an important weight to stabilize the peripheral.

Let’s start with the weight, almost one and a half kilograms (1.4 to be precise), which derives from an iron section integrated into the body which, combined with its considerable rigidity and rubberized feet, makes the keyboard firmly anchored to the desk. . Even the strongest pressure in an agitated phase of play is unlikely to wander the Ultimate QuickFire on its support surface.

A short infographic illustrates the main features of the buttons.

The keyboard body is made of plastic but is supported by a well-made metal base, with a matte finish with a few limited frills Cooler Master logo alongside the function LEDs. Despite its weight, the keyboard is, however, thinner than the dimensions we are used to from mechanical keyboards, making it comfortable when typing despite the lack of a wrist support present in competing products.

The layout is Italian, full type with all the keys in their place, with good spacing between them but without being excessive. The Windows key is small in size, as it is flanked by a function key, as is usual on laptop keyboards, which allows you to assign the F keys on the top of the keyboard to execute applications or actions for programs .

These have a concave conformation that facilitates pressure and a good finish that is pleasant to the touch. At each key-in the classic sound is returned that the mechanical switches report to confirm the recording of the input. There Ultimate QuickFire It is available with different Cherry MX switch options, Browns with white or red backlighting, Reds and Blues to which a matching backlight is combined.

The QuickFire with the blue backlight.

By lifting the keys it is possible to notice how each key is illuminated by a dedicated LED, so as to have a constant and not uneven light as on those keyboards that adopt multi-point spot lighting. The light produced by the LEDs can be configured to be constant, pulsating or illuminate only the movement keys, a useful feature for those who play at night to have a good glance on the main controls. Finally, it is possible to completely disable the lighting.

The function keys are used to change the lighting and to control the functions of the multimedia players, while the FN key can be configured as a modifier to be pressed to activate the additional functions or in always-on mode. Unfortunately it is not possible to program macros, since there is no configuration or management software in this sense. The USB connection cable of the braided type to avoid tearing and twisting, is removable. During use it is practically impossible to run into accidental disconnections thanks to small channels where it is possible to pass the cable that firmly hook it to the base of the keyboard. The length of about 2 meters is more than enough to easily connect it to the most hidden towers under the desks.

Inside the package we also find a pliers for removing the keys. This simple plastic accessory is very useful for going to thoroughly clean the keyboard. It is true that the removal and repositioning of more than 100 keys falls into the category of painstaking work, but sometimes this type of activity is advisable to make the device longer or more pleasant to use.

The keys are well raised, comfortable to type and spaced just enough to avoid the risk of pressing two at the same time.

Also from the keyboard we can change the pooling rate, from a minimum of eight to a maximum of one millisecond. Unfortunately, there is no LED that indicates which mode we are in, even if it is a minor defect given the little difference in the practical state between the various timings. Another parameter that can be set is the Key Rollover, that is how many keys are simultaneously recorded and sent from the keyboard; you can choose between 6KRO or NKRO, so six keys or unlimited combinations.

There Cooler Master Ultimate QuickFire, obviously gives the best of itself during the game, with a precise and immediate recording of inputs; since it is a mechanical keyboard we will always be aware of the pressure of a key thanks to the response of the switches, regardless of those we have chosen at the time of purchase.

Currently it is possible to find the Cooler Master Ultimate QuickFire about 100 euros. A price basically in line with that of other mechanical keyboards sold by other manufacturers but to be considered interesting for those looking for a durable and precise keyboard, unfortunately penalized by the inability to configure macro or keybinding through a dedicated configuration software. A not insignificant limitation that could divert a large audience to other shores and that penalizes the overall evaluation of an otherwise rather valid product.