“Coronavirus, homemade bread and Pau Donés” among the most searched in Google Spain in 2020

2020 has been an atypical year, and at this point it goes without saying why. It is something that we can easily see if we analyze search trends on Google, an observation that can serve as a good summary when encapsulating 12 months.

The company has published a report in which they compile the trends in the different countries of the planet. An interesting point is that we can break down these interests by country, and then we are going to analyze the case of Spain.

Spain: hands to the dough

Google divides these trends by categories. In the “General”, obviously, the first place is taken by “coronavirus”, followed by another event that has marked the news of this year that is ending: the elections in the USA.


  • Coronavirus
  • US elections
  • Classroom
  • The league
  • Kobe bryant
  • The case of Spain is quite close to “general” searches at the international level. Of course, here we see that a tool has been cast in the Top 5 widely used this year: Zoom.

    The most searched internationally

  • Coronavirus
  • Election results
  • Kobe bryant
  • Zoom
  • IPL
  • Being confined to our homes, much of the year, many people found an escape route in the kitchen. Here, gluten is the protagonist par excellence, with “homemade bread” at the fore:


  • Homemade bread
  • Sourdough
  • Churros
  • Fresh yeast
  • Homemade Donuts
  • Google may be the place where we look to find answers to our questions. Again, the most asked questions they have to do with the pandemic, crafts and the American elections.


  • How to make a fabric mask
  • How to make homemade bread
  • How the coronavirus spreads
  • How to make hand sanitizer
  • How are the US elections going?
  • Why…?

  • Why is it called coronavirus
  • Why do people buy toilet paper
  • Why do mosquitoes bite
  • Why doesn’t Valencia go to phase 1
  • Why did Paquirri and Carmen Ordóñez separate
  • When

  • When is Black Friday
  • When do the hairdressers open
  • When the ERTE is charged
  • When the alarm state ends
  • When the confinement in Spain ends
  • Donald Trump ranks first among the most wanted personalities of 2020, followed by the American politician who has ended up taking the presidency (remember, these are data from Spain).


  • Donald trump
  • Joe biden
  • Kim young un
  • Fernando Simon
  • Boris johnson
  • Pau Donés, a musician who passed away in the middle of the year, ranks first in searches related to music, while reality shows are the most sought after as for “cinema, TV and series”.


  • Pau Donés
  • Pablo Alboran
  • Jerusalem
  • Cristina Ramos
  • Adele
  • Cinema, TV and Series

  • The island of temptations
  • Survivors
  • The strong house
  • More singer
  • Lady’s gambit
  • There have been many interesting habit changes, and Google claims that searches on how to garden doubled in 2020 from 2019. Searches for “supporting small businesses” around the world doubled from the previous year.

    In June 2020, more was sought “how to be anti-racist” than “how to be a millionaire”

    Also, for the first time, Black Lives Matter was searched internationally, multiplying searches for the topic by five compared to the previous year. From Google they assure that in June 2020, “how to be anti-racist” was searched more times than “how to be a millionaire.”