Could the social network Google+ benefit from the success of Android?

Like it or not, the future is on social media. The news of the week is the new social network Google+, and after several attempts by Google to be successful in that sector we throw you the following question Engadget Android: Could the social network Google+ benefit from the success of Android?

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Remember that last week we asked the following question: What is the best game for Android? And the most voted answer has been that of Homer_MZA:

Personally I could not say a single game in this answer, as there are many that are very good and very addictive. Personally, I prefer simple games such as Angry Bird, Plant VS Zombies, Fruit Ninja, MiniSquadrom, Abduction !, etc … Perfect games to have fun sporadically, with many levels, or with the intention of surpassing your own records or the from your friends or get all the achievements (thanks OpenFeint). Although on the other hand there is the gameloft catalog, which I think offers us a game experience different from the others, the more sporadic games and simple games are over, here we have more complex, long, and “dense” games. so to speak, but of which its indisputable quality should not be ignored, games like Eternal Legacy, Shadow Guardian, NOVA, Sacred Odyssey, Asphalt…. Thank God, today we have a really wide catalog of games for Android, with games of all types and forms, a catalog where everyone can choose what they like.

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