Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets Battle Royale mode and is free-to-play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free-to-play and even more: The content is refreshed with a new battle royale mode called Danger Zone.

All players who have previously purchased the title will be upgraded to Prime Status (usually costs $ 14.99). Players with Prime Status play against their own kind and can use the Prime-exclusive MP5-SD | Obtain Lab Rats by earning experience points in Danger Zone mode. There is also a Danger Zone Crate, which contains 17 weapon skins designed by the community and the rare Horizon knives.

Valve, meanwhile, calls Danger Zone “fast-paced battle royale based on CS: GO’s tactical gameplay, where players use their brains, skills and resources to fight to the end.” For now there is a map, Blacksite, and solo, duo and trio modes. In solo, 16 people spoil, in team modes 18. The match duration is ten minutes, which means it is even more “in between” than Black Ops 4s Blackout mode.

In the matches you collect money and at the same time carry out small side jobs, such as rescuing a hostage. With the money you earn, you buy weapons and equipment as usual, because you only start with a knife. The weapons are then dropped by drones.

More details on the Danger Zone website.

Download it on Steam and tell us what you think of it.

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