Crash Bandicoot N Sane Guide: Tips, Tricks, Codes, Differences, and How to Unlock Coco

The trilogy Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy brought to PS4 three games in this saga so cherished by players.

Although the games remain almost intact, there are a few small changes that are worth pointing out, in addition to the renewed graphics.

In addition to these small changes, in this guide we will also explain how to unlock Coco, as well as teach some tips and tricks.

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Changes in the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

In general, this trilogy is a remake faithful to the original games, maintaining most of the layouts, items, and levels as you remember playing them many years ago. However, there are some minor differences that are important:

  • The most obvious difference is the graphics, as Crash Bandicoot now uses effects such as lighting and motion blur, in order to make it a more up-to-date game. In this video you can see Digital Foundry addressing the issue of lighting, making a comparison with the original games:
  • Support for analog controls and rumble has been added.
  • The way you jump has also changed, as now the curved collision boxes make it easier to fall, frustrating some players.
  • Relic challenges are available in all Crash games. After playing a level that you have already completed, you can pick up the timer and finish that level as quickly as you can in order to catch one of the three Relics. Each level also has an online ranking, allowing you to compare the times you have achieved with the time your friends and other players around the world have achieved.
  • Each game includes Trophies, each with an individual list, as well as an individual Platinum Trophy. To reach Platinum you will need to find all the Gemstones, get a Gold Relic in each level, as well as several other trophies that you will surely win during your gaming sessions, such as turning one enemy against another, turning extra lives by accident, among others.
  • However, the list of trophies from the original Crash Bandicoot has an interesting detail, having a section that involves “Lost Treasures”, suggesting that there should be extra levels in the future, perhaps through a DLC. There are rumors that one of those extra levels will be “Stormy Ascent”, an incredibly difficult level from the original Crash, which could be played if you had a GameShark.
  • The game will now autosave after finishing a level, instead of saving at certain points during an adventure. You can also save manually, a useful way to maintain your lives before losing them all during a difficult level.
  • If you lose your whole life, you will have to start the level again, instead of continuing on the last save point, as it happened in the original games.
  • The other two changes are related to Coco and the Codes, which we will discuss now.

How to unlock Coco in Crash Bandicoot N Sane

The biggest difference is that Coco is now available as a playable character in the first two games, as initially this character was only introduced in the third game in this series.

To unlock it, you must complete the first Boss of each game. After doing this, a Time Machine node will appear on the map. Click on that item, and then simply click on the L2 to switch characters.

You will not be able to play with Coco at all levels, such as at Hog stages, but except this Coco will work just like Crash. In addition, you will also have to play with Coco if you want to unlock all the Trophies.

Codes in Crash Bandicoot N Sane

In the original games there was the possibility to enter codes to unlock levels and Gems, allowing you to advance quickly during the levels if you were having difficulties.

However, with the introduction of the Trophies and with a kind of hangover from the 16-bit era, the codes were eventually removed from Crash Bandicoot N Sane.

So it looks like you will have to play without the help of the codes, but you will have more generous auto saving, and the requirements for the Gems will be easier, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in completing the Crash challenges.

In this video you can see how the codes worked in the original game:

Crash Bandicoot: Guide and tips for playing the N Sane Trilogy

  • Although you can use analogs in all three games, we recommend that you continue to use the D-pad to achieve more precise movements at certain levels, such as side-scrolling levels, where you generally do not need to move back and forth. forward.
  • When you’re playing a level for the first time, don’t bother to do all the challenges and pick up all the items. For example, in most levels of the original Crash, you have to pick up Gems before you get all the crates (most of them are unlocked in the second part of the game), while trial relics can only be played after completing a previous level.
  • Upon completing Crash 2 and 3 you will earn the Speed ​​Shoes, which will make your life easier if you want to win the most difficult Relics from the initial levels. However, when you complete Crash 1 you will not win this item.
  • Learning to follow your shadow will be an excellent way to know where you are going to fall exactly after a jump, especially when you have to cross chasms.
  • In Crash Bandicoot 2 a slide-jump has been added, so make sure you make good use of it. To use it you have to run, then nestle to start sliding and then jump again, in order to make a jump higher than normal. This jump is essential if you want to catch the Blue Gem in Crash 2, as well as other challenges.
  • Participating in the bonus levels is a great way to earn bonus lives, and you’ll have to do this if you want to find all the crates. Bear in mind that if you miss these bonus levels you will not lose a life or have any impact on your chances of unlocking a Gem, so you can repeat these levels as many times as you want.
  • Crates (used to unlock Gems) can be found at Any side, so be sure to look well everywhere, such as behind walls or behind corners, basically everywhere you look suspicious.
  • If at the end of a level the crates are taking a long time to fall, simply click on one of the buttons to speed up the process.
  • If you have few lives, or if you want to take extra lives to pursue the Trophies, returning to the initial levels of each game is a good way to take many lives.

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