Crusader Kings 3 – release date and new trailer

We will only reach power after the holidays.

More than six months after the announcement, we got to know the release date of the new strategy of the Paradox Development Studio team. Crusader Kings III will debut on September 1, 2020 on Steam and in the Xbox Game Pass service. The game can already be ordered through the official production website and in selected digital stores, including Steam, where the pre-order costs PLN 179.99. The announcement is accompanied by an atmospheric (but without gameplay) trailer, which is a kind of continuation of the previous CK3 trailer. We have posted the video below.

We also know that the creators do not care about revolutionizing the gameplay. Third Crusader Kings it will be the next step in the evolution of the strategic cycle. Of course, this does not mean no change. The CK3 is to be more affordable than its predecessors, even though it will not differ much from the previous productions in terms of complexity. The studio also wants to present a culturally diverse world, which will be reflected in the available beliefs (and … sexual orientations). We will see how this works out in practice in September. For now, we can admire the cover of the CK3 provided by the publisher.

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Source: Paradox Interactive.