Emerged as a Half-Life mod, Counter-Strike celebrates 20 years in 2019 and Valve will not let the date go unnoticed. To celebrate the title’s longevity, the developer brought Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a classic version of the Dust 2 map, which is already on the game’s servers.

The scenario, inspired by the classic version of the map that has witnessed millions of headshots and “killings on the knife” is part of the game’s casual map group. With the inclusion, CS: GO now has two active versions of Dust 2 in its rotation: the classic and the one that was remodeled by the developer in 2017.

Present in Counter-Strike since before Valve bought the rights to the gmae, Dust 2 is so popular that it has been recreated in titles like Fortnite and Far Cry. If you miss the times when the game was still successful with its 1.5 version, this is the perfect opportunity to remember the “good times” when LAN Houses were the basis of the competitive game scene in Brazil

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