CS: GO’s latest content package, Operation Broken Fang, has been released

Lots of news have arrived for those who deposit for the new CS: GO season.

Valve looked down at the CS: GO community and, seeing the bored faces, made them a Christmas present (most of which has to be paid for) in the form of Operation Broken Fang. The new content package has brought a bunch of novelties as well as a new game mode that everyone is free to try anyway.

The new fun is called Retake and confronts three terrorists with four CTs. A match is 8 rounds, and the goal is for the terrorists to defend the bomb that has already been placed and counted down. Those who have an Operation Broken Fang pass can also access Broken Fang’s premier game mode in addition to Retake, where they can vote for competitive maps.

The season ticket also opens an Operation Stats tab, and here we can see our results and statistics in frightening detail, broken down into specific tracks.

Broken Fang has brought in seven more new maps and an interface called Operation Shop where we can redeem the stars we have won by completing our weekly missions for cosmetic trifles. Anyone interested in a detailed description of the update can find every detail on the official Broken Fang website.

  • Developer: Valve
  • Publisher: Valve
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: FPS
  • Appearance: 08/21/2012

Valve is a highly successful game in which counter-terrorists and terrorists face each other.