Curved Xiaomi monitor arrives for players

What’s more, the monitor from the Chinese company, known for its most affordable mobile phones, is opening up in Europe at a particularly good price, and we only have to make a few compromises about it.

The name Xiaomi mostly says something to those who are at home in the field of mobile phones: the manufacturer is one of the Chinese companies that broke up with lightning speed and made its own devices popular, mainly because of their excellent value for money. However, like other tech companies in the Far East, they do not only make phones – it is true that so far most of the other products have only been sold in the Asian market and through Chinese webshops. But now, according to the news, their new monitor is being made in Europe.

According to press reports, the simple Xiaomi Mi 34 monitor received a curved panel (which, incidentally, came from Samsung factories), the 34-inch, 21: 9 display had a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, plus a 144 Hz image refresh rate. The degree of curvature is 1550R.

According to Xiaomi’s press release, although the display does not offer an HDR function and can be unscrewed with a relatively careful 300 nit max brightness, the 3000: 1 contrast ratio and 121% sRGB color depth do not sound bad. In terms of connectors, in addition to two HDMI and two DisplayPorts, it also has a 3.5mm audio jack output.

The Xiaomi Mi 34 also supports AMD FreeSync when using the Display Port, as well as Gsync compatibility. And then the point comes: the monitor, which arrives in European stores in the coming weeks, has been promised a price of 399 euros, which translates to around 140,000 forints, and a 34-inch curved monitor is not a bad price, even with the above shortcomings.

Oh, and once we’ve described it as “Xiaomi’s name,” let it be here to be pronounced. As they are clearly growing in the mobile field and, as current news shows, they are trying to get up in other areas as well, it does not hurt to say a brand that is somewhat at odds with European sound production. So not “xiomi” but “saomi”. Willingly.