It is doubtful that we will ever recover from 2020, but the games will help a lot in this.

We’re dropping for recreation now, we don’t take big decisions really seriously either. We will be able to speed up the speed later, as we have a whole year ahead of us with a whole new and exciting game. But until they start to fly, the older ones have the terrain, and thus our undivided attention.

mazur – BEAUTY, dear readers! I can only imagine a very calm, very stress-free game for a headache, so I think I’ll continue Haven, although my Julcsi daughter is bothering to finish the new levels in Minecraft Dungeons now … Chances are you won’t let go of this, but then then I’ll arrow from behind, maybe I’ll be able to hide that Dad is terribly hangover.

HP “Slowly but surely I’m moving towards the end of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, maybe in 2021 I can finish sometime. Also, the first weekend of the year is filled with Cobra Kai Season 3 grind, I never thought it would come in so much.

Paca – Well, now you really can’t have fun, I want to finish one of the Cyberpunk 2077 – AC Valhalla – Immortals triples before Hitman 3. Let’s say I know I’d rather jump on Rebirth Island in CoD: Warzone, I have too little energy right now to let go of comfort games and take something more serious.

Gucs – World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will probably spin on the first weekend of the New Year as well, but it is possible that there will be time for a little Rocket League as well.

Szabi “Although I vowed not to buy a new game for a while, but to finish what I started, it just slipped my hand over Immortals Fenyx Rising. I’m so glad that there’s still enough courage in Ubisoft to come up with games like this sometimes. For now, I enjoy the puzzles and challenges of the game amazingly, so I’m probably not going to get rid of Golden Island for a while.

Kiwi “I’ll also stay on the first weekend of the year for the games I’ve been dealing with the most lately. So most of all I’m going to spin the Cyberpunk 2077, but I expect a few rounds of Hades to fit into my free time as well.

Chicken “I’ll keep spinning the Cyberpunk 2077, trying to bring in my lag in the current season at Fortnite, I didn’t really care about poor Mando so far, even though I would have to put together the pieces of his armor. It wouldn’t hurt to finally know the Gears 5 story extension either, and my little girl and I started PAW Patrol: On a Roll, which is a real treat for gamerscore hunters, the game cut 285 points right after completing the first level.

Chava “I’m trying to relax the fatigue of the holidays, and since I don’t feel strong enough to continue any of the big ones I’ve started yet, I’d rather put an end to the Twin Mirror that can be spun in a single afternoon / evening, luring out alternative endings as well. So far, it doesn’t seem tragically bad, but it’s also clear that almost better games have been born on the Dontnod design table.

What do you play on the first weekend of the year?