Cyberpunk 2077 is about to change: with these 5 games you will always be stylish until fall

Well, I don’t mean by now that you could have seen it coming. But didn’t the April date Keanu Reeves announced on E3 (which I feel was last week) struck you soon enough? Maybe it’s because of the confident presentation of the « breathtaking » Hollywood testimony – is also an actor – that you didn’t wonder if the date was stable. You swallowed it and you started to be happy.

It’s all the more difficult now that you can wait until the end of summer. And if only because we were curious about what is now, the ambitious role-playing game designed by one of today’s most important developers. Not even because you wanted to start playing right away. Now we just have to sit down until the time is right and I thought I would be animating games that somehow are in sync with what lies ahead.

If you were hoping for a wash sheet full of time-wasting RPGs, I pull my ears up and tell him he knows exactly he still has a long way to go with Divinity Original Sin 2, the expansion for The Witcher 3 missing, Pathfinder and The Pillars 2 do a good job and that should have given Greedfall a chance (test) because the thing got insanely big. Anyway, my suggestions look like this:

Technobabylon (PC)
Test Technobabylon

I know not everyone has heard of Wadjet Eye (The Blackwell Conspiracy, Gemini Rue, Unavowed), mainly because the team only does classic point-and-click pixelated adventures. But those who do – or bring it in – adhere to even the highest gender standards, if you don’t expect some old-school humor from Lucas Arts. In turn, the stories of games like Technobabylon are still worth living if there was no game, the writers wrote this atmospheric and versatile cyberpunk thriller with such certainty.

The storyline of an AI-ruled city comprising the secret police, addicting cyberspace, and physical modifications isn’t entirely new, the big puzzle, the many small decisions, the two fundamentally different and well-written endings and a trio of main characters, each of them is interesting on its own, but take a lot out of the picture. If you want it more classic, you can get GOG’s Blade Runner from Westwood, but why not just try the Technobabylon free demo?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Deus Ex: Split test on humanity

I don’t think we have to be wrong: Mankind Divided was far from anything it could have been – mostly because the ending wasn’t really one. This was unfortunate considering how Human Revolution rebooted the series. The sequel failed anyway, and was also received with more caution by critics. Switching to the brand is probably only possible with a new restart. And yet Eidos Montreal’s second Deus Ex, which is now available cheaply in many places, is now just the right space filler to bridge the gap until Cyberpunk 2077. The transhumanistic approach, the Megacorp-Neon-Skylines and the basic division, while not rigid, the crowbar procedures and shades of varying degrees of elegance are not that far removed from CD Projekt Reds’ hopes and chances that you won’t. haven’t played yet, are not too bad.

It is certainly not the high flight we expect from the Warsaw company, but the best thing in terms of style and freedom of expression for the user.

Order Deus Ex Mankind Divided 43% cheaper – 16.99 euros (Gamesplanet). (Display)

Shadowrun: Dragonfall (PC)
Shadowrun: Dragon drop test

Of course, the Cyberpunk 2077 universe is even more grounded in the real world than Shadowrun, which places elves and orcs in a future neon-loving hackers. But slimy visions of the future are united by the turbulent past of pen and paper and also by the generally dirty, exploded, commercialized and globalized video of their world. Only you just have to manage the magic here. Dragonfall, the best and available as a standalone version of the Harebrained Scheme isometric tactical RPG series, takes place in a Berlin that real estate vultures have long finished and in which you and your team can now find a mythical dragon that it shouldn’t have been around for a long time. I said yes it’s a little more sophisticated.

It doesn’t change the fact that the world is fascinating, the story is told in a compelling way and is relived with the help of very well written characters. With turn-based tactics in which battles are fought, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Shadowrun: Order Dragonfall 75% cheaper – 3.75 euros (Gamesplanet). (Display)

Disco Elysium (PC; PS4 et Xbox One 2020)
Test Disco Elysium

Of course, it’s not cyberpunk here. I don’t even know if it should even represent the future of a world. It is not ours. But it looks like it could be their pitiful remains. But why Disco Elysium actually appears in this article and is interesting when it comes to cyberpunk is because of the way it lets its players play a role and seems to be able to make an incredible number of decisions. A point that CD Projekt Red also likes to peddle. Disco Elysium is often more subtle, but that shouldn’t be a bad thing. On the contrary. What I mean Well, browse Revachol for a while without clothes on, and you will find out.

Either way: The way you define your character while playing, ripping and pulling plot threads, sets standards for virtual storytelling, by which talented CD Projekt Red writers should be measured. Those who have cyberpunk on their cards due to their high demands on the history of the game and the expression of players in a virtual world have plenty of time until September to solve some crimes in Disco Elysium. The only restriction: be prepared to solve any problem with virtual cubes. No matter what type of action or deep combat system it does not exist here.

Read-only memories 2064 (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

It might be a clone, but if the model is next to impossible to get, let alone play legally these days, it’s more than okay. What is copied here? The general sequence of Snatcher, one of Hideo Kojima’s earliest works, which only appeared in Europe on the SEGAs Mega-CD, a console for crazy people. It was a screen-changing adventure with one-off footage, a vocal release, and a story heavily inspired by Blade Runner, but an eccentric Kojima story.

2064 borrows both aesthetics and basic process – there’s even a robotic sidekick – but knits something very special out of the content, generally seems more user-friendly and less, or at least in terms of technology, engaged in the eighties. Even some strange topics are discussed. The result is a completely adorable, but at the same time fascinating, take on another version of the near future, which even plays out just around the corner from Cyberpunk’s Night City, namely in San Francisco. And if you like it even more sophisticated, check out Va-11 HALL-A, which is similar in style, but puts you in the role of a bartender who has to mix cyberpunk characters with their drinks.

Now it’s your turn: how do you kill time until Cyberpunk appears? What games seem to suit you thematically, what drove the « Pile of Shame » forward when you read the report? Let us know in the comments.

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