Cyberpunk 2077 Weapon Types – Power, Smart and Tech Weapons explained

In Cyberpunk 2077 each firearm belongs to one of three categories: Power, Smart, and Tech. These categories determine how best to use them. Below we describe the differences between these three types.

Before we start with that description, however, we must first explain how you can check the weapon type itself in the game. You can find it under the name of the weapon on the weapon map.

Power weapons

These are the most basic weapons in the game. They have strong ammunition and therefore there is a chance that if you shoot, the bullets will ricochet off surfaces such as walls and floors and still hit their target. Very useful if you are stuck behind a cover for example! You can predict the line a ricocheting bullet will follow with the Trajectory Generator mod for the Kiroshi Optics Cyberware.

Smart weapons

These weapons fire bullets that find their own way to their target. This makes it difficult for an enemy to hide behind cover, because the bullet just bends its way. You must first have a ‘lock’ on the opponent who wants to hit you and the bullets travel slower than normal through the air. You do need the Smart Link cyberware before you can use it, and the better Smart Links you have, the better the lock-on will be. There are also opponents, such as members of the Tyger Claws gang, who are immune to smart weapons.

Tech weapons

These weapons can fire bullets that pass through objects and even walls. They use a strong electromagnetic force to fire their bullets at dizzying speeds. You can fire them normally, but you can also ‘charge’ them and make them more powerful by holding the trigger for a moment and then letting go.

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