Daedalic’s games star in the new Humble Bundle

We can pocket cozy titles for bagpipes like The Suicide of Rachel Foster, Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth and State of Mind.

The Humble Bundle is currently running irresistible offers such as Summer Adventure Games for Telltale fans and a smaller Warhammer collection, but another package has already been launched that focuses specifically on the magical games of Daedalic Entertainment.

We can enrich the Steam collection with three additional names (The Night of the Rabbit, Fire !, The Year of Rain) by spending one euro, but if we are willing to expand the wallet, we can add four more to the bag for around 2,500 forints ( including the State of Mind I tested, which is really worth a try). In addition to the above, Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, The Suicide of Rachel Foster and the Iron Danger are worth less than 5,000 forints, so we can hit 11 cozy works for the price of a family movie.

Let’s not forget that by pulling in the Humble Daedalic Bundle, we can also support different charities, so we can do good to others and to ourselves at the same time.