Daily Punishment: A guy handed out his parents ’wealth among streamers

The lesson on what parental responsibility and online awareness mean is worth six million forints.

There are plenty of dangers for careless roamers on the World Wide Web: once they want to salt a gamer condom, other times the full honeymoon savings slip into a gamer PC. It’s a tough world where even adults have to be on the lookout, especially if their child enters the age group of following content producers. An abbreviated parent also learned this on his own skin.

A staggering story came up on the Twitch subredite that a mom reported: she said her son spent nearly $ 20,000 (more than $ 6 million) on his credit card to support streamers (subscriptions and bits) in just 17 days.

A parent told Dot Esports that his child – without his knowledge and consent – spent the said amount between June 14 and 30 on popular streamers such as Tfue, Gorb and Ewokttv, but also Atlanta Falcons player Kurt. Benkert and Miami Heates Meyers Leonard also got the money.

The question may immediately arise as to how the boy obtained the money. Well, her mom said she got a credit card with a limited balance to cover her school meals, but the teen started transferring money to herself from her mother’s bank account to cover the expenses of the twitches. You’ve probably been able to either stay logged in or see your password, plus you only check your account twice a month, so you only found out when it was too late.

He also contacted the bank and Twitch, but neither party helped him: the former did not respond to the inquiry on suspicion of refund fraud, and the latter allegedly did not respond to the request (his parent company, Amazon, referred him to Twitch).

Maybe the only solution might be to try to get your money back directly from the streamers, but otherwise the mom doesn’t want to shift the responsibility to anyone else: she admits she works too much and didn’t spend enough time on her son’s online activities, plus the guy’s internet knowledge is absolutely they exceeded his abilities. She is now trying to focus on finding out why her child did this and making sure it is the only huge mistake she has made in her life.