Daily Punishment: Among Us and Fall Guys heroes clash in Battlefront 2

Are Among Astronauts or Fall Guys beans the coolest? This question is answered by the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod.

We’ve seen creepy Fall Guys content before, but Fall Guys vs. Among Us Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod takes the prime.

The astronauts on the dark side grew frighteningly long legs, though our personal favorite is the very tall character who replaces General Grievous, who hovers four lightsabers around him.

The essence of the mod is to replace each model with Fall Guys beans on the light side and Among Us characters on the dark side. The “Why?” the question has no place here, only destruction matters.

This is how this infinitely grotesque idea looks like in practice:

If you’re interested in the mod and would like to try it out with your buddies, you need to have a PC version of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Once you have it, all you have to do is download this mod package. The Fall Guys vs Among Us mod pack isn’t perfect on the beans side, so you can hit extra Fall Guys looks on each unit with this mod. Then you can start the cruel biting in a bean-imposing robe.

  • Developer: DICE
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: FPS
  • Appearance: 11/17/2017

Armed with a single-player campaign and a redesigned multiplayer mode, Star Wars Battlefront 2 invites us into battle in the locations of all three movie trilogues.