As we can see in the trailer that accompanies this announcement, the characters of Rebecca Chambers, Adam Wesker and Ada Wong will soon be available in the game. The release date of these skins has not been communicated for the moment. .


Indeed, during the Behavior Interactive showcase, which took place this Wednesday, August 3, a lot of information, concerning the Resident Evil: Project W chapter, coming to Dead by Daylight, have been shared. Thus, thanks to this crossover, players will be able to embody Albert Westeraka the Mastermind in the game. On the Survivors side, we will have the opportunity to play Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers.

It will also be an opportunity to discover and explore the improved version of the map “Raccoon City Police Station”. The Commissariat will be “split into two separate maps, built around the west wing and the east wing, significantly reducing its size. The main hall will remain a constant presence on both maps and retain its original layout. The developers have, moreover, added new entrances, removed rooms and widened corridors.

About this new collaboration with the Resident Evil license, the creative director of Dead by Daylight, Dave Richard, said:

The Resident Evil franchise has spawned a slew of hugely popular characters over the past quarter century, with every fan having their favorite. Also, allowing our players to step into the shoes of the evil Wesker or the famous protagonists Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers is our way of delighting them while taking the Dead by Daylight experience to the next level.

At this time, Behavior Interactive has not shared a date or even a release window when it comes to the arrival of the Resident Evil: Project W chapter on Dead by Daylight. Obviously, we will keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available on this subject.

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Dead By Daylight still honors Resident Evil, Wesker arrives

resident Evilone of the greatest horror sagas in video games, is represented in the game. The event was particularly popular, and it is no surprise that we learn that Resident Evil is returning to Dead By Daylight, with a lot of new content.

We were able to discover last night the existence of Project W, a new Resident Evil chapter for Dead By Daylight which was presented during a showcase organized by the studio.

This new chapter will therefore highlight the terrible Wesker, who is therefore a new killer for Dead By Daylight. We don’t know much about its abilities, except that it will be possible for it to infect survivors.

And precisely, speaking of them, two new survivors from the Resident Evil saga will also soon be playable. They are Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers.

The Racoon City police station map will also be modified to be divided into two separate maps, with the East wing and the West wing.

It’s not yet known when this Resident Evil chapter will be available for Dead By Daylight, but it’s coming soon.

Dead by Daylight: new batch of Resident Evil characters

As seen in the images, the crossover would focus on three iconic characters: the mercenary Ada Wong, the feared Albert Wesker and the nurse Rebecca Chambers. The Racoon City Police Station map has also been reworked. No date announced for their integration, other than an enigmatic “soon”.

Dead By Daylight Adds Even More Resident Evil Characters For Second Crossover Event

Revealed as part of developer Behavior Interactive’s recent showcase, series villain Wesker will be added to the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game as a playable killer, while heroes Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers will be playable survivors. The trio joins already added characters Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Nemesis, who were introduced during the first Resident Evil-themed chapter of Dead by Daylight last year. This chapter also introduced the Raccoon City Police Department map.

There doesn’t appear to be a new Resident Evil-themed map this time around, with Project W’s cinematic trailer set at the Raccoon City Police Department. Behavior Interactive says the chapter will instead feature a “reworked” version of the map based on Resident Evil 2’s iconic location.

Wesker’s look (and his Uroboros tentacles) comes straight from Resident Evil 5, while Ada Wong wears her signature red dress from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. STARS member Rebecca Chambers, who appears in the remake original from Resident Evil but also stars in Resident Evil 0, here looks a lot like what she does in those games.

The crossover event doesn’t yet have a release date, with the chapter’s trailer only stating that it’s “coming soon.” The W Project will continue the trend of various horror franchises crossing over into Dead by Daylight, which has also seen events and characters from properties like Silent Hill, Saw, Scream, Halloween and more in recent years.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 Wesker Confirmation: Resident Evil is Back

Over the weekend, Dead by Daylight leaks began to appear, seemingly revealing details about the 25th Chapter and previously announcing the Raccoon City PD map revamp. Well, thanks to the Behavior Beyond livestream on August 3.

The W Project will bring two more licensed survivors and a new popular asymmetrical horror killer. While some fans will certainly be disappointed by the omission of the all-great Lady Dimitrescu, others are over the moon at the news of Albert Wesker. The leather-clad killer will be able to infect survivors with the Uroboros Virus from his infected arm, significantly slowing their movement speed. Although similar to Nemesis, there will be differences in gameplay between the two. However, the difference between this gameplay remains a surprise, Mathieu Côté from Behavior revealing as little as possible during the Behavior Beyond press conference.

Two new survivors will join – and flee – Wesker in the Resident Evil sequel chapter: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Ada Wong, the sublime femme fatale, is described as “an ideal partner on the pitch, as long as the partnership suits her”, thanks to her “ability to thrive in a high-stakes environment”. This suggests that the Wong’s advantages could revolve around quick thinking and quick maneuvering in desperate times. Meanwhile, child prodigy Rebecca Chambers’ main trait is “to help others, even at her peril,” which “dictates how she lives her life and engages in mission.” She is small, but a powerful ally. This suggests that Chambers’ perks, unlike Wong’s, might involve enhancements when healing and helping other survivors.

Finally, while there won’t be a new map as such in Chapter 25, Resident Evil: Project W, there will be a major overhaul of the existing Raccoon City map. During the Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary Livestream, Behavior announced the notoriously difficult map rework, and we now know that the changes involve splitting the map in half – easy enough thanks to its challenging size. If you’re familiar with the RPD map, you’ll know that you enter a large hall, with two “wings” on either side, and an outdoor area. Now, each “wing” will be a separate map, with the main lobby appearing in both, and easier access to outdoor areas.