Dead by Daylight – a new killer is coming and a new map is coming

Developers have swung live content expected into the game live. The picture of the new killer will be worth taking a closer look at.

The developers of Dead by Daylight showed in a tweet and a stream the first taste of the upcoming new killer. We don’t know the character’s name yet, but it seems certain he’s struggling with some kind of personality disorder.

If you take a good look at the names on the wall and the masks looking back at our hero from the mirror, you can see that four different faces and names are looking back.

Within darkness lies the legion… #DeadbyDaylight

– Dead by Daylight (@DeadByBHVR) 22 Nov 2018

What this means in terms of gameplay is not yet known, but it is easy to imagine that we will get a solution similar to Doctor. He can switch between fighting styles depending on the situation.

In addition to the new character, the guys also swung a new level:

With snow comes darkness… #DeadbyDaylight

– Dead by Daylight (@DeadByBHVR) 21 Nov 2018

It will be the perfect place to scream from a crazy mass murderer screaming on the holy holiday of Christmas.

  • Developer: Behavior Interactive
  • Publisher: Starbreeze Studios
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Surviving horror
  • Appearance: 06/14/2016

The developers of Wet and Naughty Bear have created an asymmetric multiplayer-focused horror game in the image of Dead by Daylight, in which, like Friday 13 movies, survivors flee from a killer (number four) who can use all means to escape – and the best all in all, that each of them is controlled by a single player.