Dead by Daylight gets free next-gen upgrade and better graphics

  • Free next-gen upgrade confirmed
  • Progress will be carried over to the new consoles
  • The game is being comprehensively revised technically

The next-gen consoles are just around the corner, although we don’t know their exact dates or prices.

As the youngest development studio, Behavior Interactive has now announced its plans for PS5 and Xbox Series X – and these include a free next-gen upgrade.

The game with improved graphics should be available on the new consoles this year and run there in 4K with 60fps.

The studio is just beginning with the first phase of a technical overhaul, which will ultimately lead to a “completely revised edition of the game”.

Lighting, effects, models, textures and animations should be improved, the maps get more details. The adjustments are to be made via regular updates that are planned every six weeks and begin with the patch planned for next week.

“Current players who own the game and choose to purchase a next-gen console will experience a seamless transition with Dead by Daylight available for free on the new platform of their choice and with all progress being made,” it said .

#DeadbyDaylight is coming to next-gen consoles in Holiday 2020! The game will feature improved graphics over current gen versions and receive regular updates.

Already playing #DBD on console? When you upgrade your console, you’ll get the game for free AND keep all your progress.

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